Favorite Things Friday #4

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on FRIDAY.

Now that that will be stuck in your head for the next week… Here are my favorite things that have been happening lately! 🙂


I waited a little too long to get out and run on Wednesday because a cold rain started as I was heading out the door. So I came back inside and opted to do a plyometrics tabata video OnDemand. It really got my heart rate up and I was drenched after just 15 minutes. To end the work out I did Yoga for Runners On Demand and C-dawg decided he wanted to join in the fun. He was hilarious and kept saying “This is too easy”. (P.S. He had pajama day at school which is why he is in his pajamas at 4 in the afternoon)



The temperatures are getting quite chilly out so I decided it was time to put my flannels on my bed. Yes, I did make my mom buy me flannel sheets last year for my queen size bed. And yes, I am five years old. Most. Comfortable. Bed. Ever. Oh, and I have not only those, but a big comforter and 1-2 fleece blankets on top of me. I like to be hot when I sleep, obviously.

3. Because it’s so freaking cold out, running has been an issue for my lungs. So yesterday I took off on a run and quickly regretted stepping out the door. Then this happened….


I was like a speedy turtle stampeding through peanut butter. I only went about a mile and half, but it was still pretty speedy for my standards!

4.  Not so favorite thing – waking up to this morning….

image (1)


34 degrees!? No thank you. What happened to fall? We skipped to winter? AH I hate winter.

5. I can’t believe that October is nearing the end. I have one test and one huge assignment due within the next few weeks… but that’s not stopping my over-excitement for a concert coming up the second week of November. If you remember from last year, I went and saw a group called Timeflies. They are coming BACK and I am going with Tyler, Sarah, Sean, and Lacey again :). I am so so so excited. I don’t even care that the concert is on a Sunday night and I have class 8-6 on Monday – it is going to be a BLAST.

On that note, I will leave you to enjoy Timeflies version of Katy Perry’s Roar. #killedit

Have a great weekend!


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