Ah. So I’ve been super MIA lately; I apologize. Things around here have just been moving along and creeping towards the end of the semester. I guess I’ll just fill you in on everything that has been going on since I last stopped by.

Let’s start with Timeflies! So last weekend me and Ty headed to The FIllmore to meet up with some college friends and see Timeflies. We went with the same group that we saw them with last year and it did not disappoint again. Now that they are bigger and more well-known we thought it would be more crowded and we were right. We ended up heading to the upstairs so we weren’t in the mosh of 15 year olds downstairs in front of the stage. This was a great life decision and turned out to be a great spot!

I took so many pictures and videos but am feeling entirely too lazy to get them from my phone to my computer, sorry not sorry. Sammy Adams performed before Timeflies and he did great! The whole concert was so much fun and it was a great little date night with Ty.

Other than the concert, nothing else exciting has been happening around here. I’ve been going to classes, sleeping a lot more than usual, eating, feeling anxious about life, and just living the life of a grad student. Finals are slowly creeping up and it’s starting to make me more nervous. After Thanksgiving break I will have just two weeks left and it’s basically all tests. Therefore, my Thanksgiving break will consist of studying, studying, and more studying – Yay! This research proposal is consuming my life and it leaves me with less time to do Ortho which sucks; then my other management class is now all of a sudden annoying because we have a final project that I literally have no idea what we are supposed to be doing. So. Stressful.

Last night, Ty’s football season came to an end. It wasn’t a pretty result; they played the 2-time defending state champions who have won 33 in a row. Yeah, it wasn’t the most exciting game to watch. But I am so, so incredibly proud of Tyler and the rest of the coaching staff for where they have brought this team. Three years ago when he started coaching, they hadn’t had a winning season since his senior year of high school in 2005 (in which they never lost a regular season game over 3 years). And within three years they’ve turned this program around so much. Two playoff appearances in two years and two winning seasons. They don’t have the biggest team ever, (Read: they had 17 players suited up for last weeks game…you play with 11 at a time.) or the biggest in physical size, but those boys have the biggest heart and pride in their team that I’ve ever seen. I love going to the games to watch Tyler coach, but also just to feel that excitement that puts me back in to my high school days going to football games. Now, while I am upset for them that the season ended, I am more than happy to have my boyfriend back!


Alright, I am heading to the library to try and knock out some work for today. I’m not sure how often I’ll be back in the next few weeks since things are really starting to get crazy but I’ll try and keep it updated. See y’all!


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