For real.

story of my life..they get married, have kids and all im doing is well..getting more awesome since ive nothing else to do haha


Literally everyone I know is getting engaged! My old college roommate just got a ring and the next day a girl in my class got one. I guess we are at that point in our lives where it’s happening more and more. And it’s only going to get worse! Haha weddings are expensive to attend but I can’t wait for my close friends to start getting married. 

Apparently my class has mini bets going on for who is going to be engaged by the end of the program. I am among those bets. I guess when you’ve been with a guy for almost 4 years its bound to happen at some point. But we both are in no rush and just want to establish our careers and get settles before we for real settle down. It’s just crazy how many people are popping the question! It’s like you can’t get on social media anymore without seeing at least one or more people that are engaged, pregnant or married.

Back to studying. Just my rant for the day. Too-da-loo.


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