Choose Happy

Ooooohhhhh Back to school back to school to prove to Dad I’m not a fool……

Anyone? Anyone? No? Come on! Billy Madison.

Yep. So I’m sitting in class waiting for everyone to arrive and class to start. I get here super early every day due to traffic. Living 45+ minutes away from campus forces me to leave earlier to miss traffic rather than leaving later and sitting in traffic for over an hour. No thanks, I’ll just hang out in the mornings. Anyways.

Today I choose to be happy.

Choose happy

It’s no secret I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. But I’m going to start to be more positive. Positivity can lead to good things. Even if it doesn’t bring me necessarily what I want right now, it can only brighten my day. So that’s my new years resolution. To be more positive about where I am in my life and where this journey is taking me. 

Here’s to a good first week back at school and to celebrating 25 years of life on Thursday. 


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