Heavy Heart

Life. It’s unpredictable. It’s crazy. It’s beautiful. It’s tragic. It’s horrible. It’s exhausting. It’s amazing. It’s confusing. It’s magical. It tears you down. It builds you up. It turns you in to who you are supposed to be. It’s any and all of these things all at once…

One second you could be surrounded by those you love, having the time of your life. The next, your world could literally be falling apart. 

Reality check; that’s for sure. You think you’re going through some shit, until you realize that some people are going through things that you couldn’t even imagine. My heart is so heavy tonight for a close friend and her family. Obviously, nothing will be discussed here out of utter respect and love for this family. But it makes you think. And it made me realize that what I have been going through is minuscule compared to what others are fighting through each and every day.

Life is about experiences. About going through some horrible things and coming out stronger. Coming out knowing that you are on this earth for a reason. And you just have to find out what that reason is. It’s about using those that love and support you to get you through. 

Life is about how you handle these experiences. I’m not saying that the little things aren’t important. Because life is also about ourselves; about respecting ourselves, doing what’s best for us as individuals. And those things that may seem minuscule to some, tend to consume every ounce of your being. Believe me. I know. I’m there. But it’s how you get through it. How you choose to come out on top, stronger than before and ready to face what life has to bring you next. 

So please, don’t take your loved ones for granted. Never go to bed upset, always figure it out. Make sure you tell them how you feel, every day. Because you never know when you won’t have the chance. Make the most out of every day, every moment.

Things could change in the blink of an eye; ready or not, it’s life. 


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