Tuesday Tunes

Happy Snow Day!

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Not sure how the weather is where you are but here, snow storm “Janus” is in full effect. To my surprise I woke up this morning to an emergency text from my school saying classes were cancelled. I had already packed a bag to stay down there for tonight due to the coming snow but now I get to stay in my PJs on my couch. Therefore, this week will be a whopping 2 day class week. (Monday = Holiday, Tuesday = snow day, Thursday = no classes… and I guess we will see about tomorrow!). I’m not complaining; gives me time to keep up with studying.

Hmm.. So let’s start something new around here. I don’t know about you all, but music to me is something that keeps me going some days. And I love learning about new jams that I can listen to during a work out, while I’m studying or just on my commute to and from school. Even in hard times, I turn to music to soothe me. I tend to find songs that relate to my situation and overplay them until I can’t take it anymore.

So what I’m gonna do, is start sharing some music that I’m loving lately. In hopes to help you through a tough day or just a touch workout and get you pumped up. Without further ado…

This jam just came out this week. You all know my love obsession with Timeflies if you’ve been reading for awhile.

“Still I’m praying that you change your mind, I’ll be okay. Cause you’ll come around eventually..”

And the next one I’ll share is a good work out jam I’ve been loving lately.. Ellie Goulding “Goodness Gracious”.

So what have you all been listening to lately? Any new songs I should know about?!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. i’m a country music girl..90% of what i listen to is country, the other 10% i spruce it up with some top 40 jams. although lately i’ve been loving love me again by john newman.

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