Half Mary #3

So I told y’all I was going to keep you posted with my half marathon training plan… and here we go! I threw this together while I sat on my couch on my snow day yesterday drinking hot cocoa and not working out – oops.

Now if you were around last year, you know I mentioned that I will never run a race again during school. Welp that failed. I got peer pressured and really I just did it to make myself work out. Last year I got super stressed trying to keep up with my training schedule while trying to keep up with school at the same time. It was pretty bad and I think I ran maybe a total of 20-30 miles the month leading up to the race. But I finished! And two minutes faster than my first half even. I had some serious stomach issues after the race though, that I’m hoping to avoid this time around.

So. This program is something I kind of just threw together based on a few other 12 week programs. I wanted to continue strength training and also add in some swimming/cross training days to avoid injury. Some of it seems like a lot to shoot for honestly with my schedule, but it’s just something to help guide me along. If I miss a few, not a big deal. If I change around my rest days, not a big deal. Being my third half, I’m not too worried about it really.. I just want to keep mileage up so I can cross the finish line standing. The long runs are what I want to aim to keep consistent.


Mondays will be my easy runs. Tuesdays I want to do interval training, fartleks, hill training or just a tempo run; I’ll switch it up depending on how I am feeling. Tuesdays also will be track work if I can get to a track. Wednesday I’ll keep it consistent with 3 miles and add in strength training on top of that. Fridays will be easy runs or cross training. And Saturdays will be my long run. Sundays and Thursdays will be rest days.

But like I said, everything is flexible based on my schedule and any exams I may have or other events going on. Officially I will start the week of February 3rd. Right now I’m just trying to get back to my base endurance since I was sick for awhile. I’ll keep y’all posted with how my training is going as it continues.

Today is another snow day for me (6 day weekend, hello). But I’ll be traveling with classmates to be with a fellow classmate and friend for the day. Have a great Wednesday and be safe out there/keep warm – wind chills are in the negatives in these parts, brrrrr. (I am so over winter.)


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