A Day In The Life

I’ve seen these posts around the blog world before and since I’m a nosy person and like to know what other people are doing, I thought maybe you guys are just as nosy and wanna know what I do. Also since my weekend was totally uneventful, I don’t think you would care to hear about that. So. Let’s talk about what a normal week day looks like for me. I’ll pick Monday, since it’s Monday and 3 out of 5 of my week days look pretty similar to today. Here we go….

5:27 AM: Alarm goes off. Sound: Timba. In case you were curious. It makes me wanna dance.

5:29 – 5:35 AM: Stalk social media to get my eyes to open. FB, IG, Twitter, Gmail.

5:36 AM: Crawl out of bed, wash face, put in contacts, etc.

5:40 AM: Head downstairs and make breakfast. Generally something quick and easy (PB on english muffin, cereal, yogurt & granola, you get the gist.) 

5:45 AM: Back in my bed, eating breakfast, watching the news/weather/traffic. Also probably blog reading.

5:55 AM: Get dressed, make myself as presentable as possible. (Perks of being in school for a profession that requires movement and body assessment: I wear workout gear to class every single day. It’s a good day if I put on jeans)

6:05 AM: Gather all school supplies needed for the day/

6:07 AM: Brush teeth.

6:09 AM: Grab lunch from the fridge that I prepared the night before (most the time, or I throw something together from leftovers; I almost always pack a lunch and rarely go out.)

6:15 AM: Keurig it up and get the caffeine flowing.

6:20 AM: Hit the road ASAP to avoid traffic.

6:21-7:05 AM: Drive to school. Listen to the Kane Show. Laugh a lot. Blast some music. Curse traffic. Curse stupid drivers. Drive with my knee a lot cause I’m sitting on my hands cause they are cold. 

7:10 AM: Head up to the 6th floor. Toss my lunch in the fridge. Walk down to the 5th floor to my classroom.

7:15-8:30 AM: (8am on every other day) Listen to more of the Kane Show. Finish up any work I didn’t complete over the weekend. Start on new work. Chat with classmates as they arrive. Read blogs.

8:30 – 10:50 AM: Acute care lecture. Take notes. Day dream. Stare out the window. Remember I’m in class and pay attention more.

11 AM: Work out. Today was a three mile run in this beautiful heat wave… 45 degrees woo!

12 PM: Depending on the day… today change clothes, no shower. Tuesday = shower due to lab in the afternoon.

12:20-2 PM: Eat lunch (Today, leftover Southwest Spaghetti squash, red bell peppers and trail mix), work on tutorial or other work I have, write blogs, read blogs, waste time doing nothing.

2-3:50 PM: Evidence Based Practice lecture. Discuss doctor things and get in arguments and get on soap boxes about content.

3:51 PM: Hurry to my car and pray the traffic isn’t too bad yet. Who am I kididng, this is the DMV. 

3:52 – 4:45 PM: Sit in traffic on 495. Blast Timeflies. Blast other music. Curse stupid drivers. 

4:50-6 PM: Get home. Shower. Hang out. Watch TV.

6 PM: See what my mom made me for dinner. (Spoiled.)

6:30 PM: Put together a lunch for the next day from the leftovers.

6:31-7:30 PM: Avoid homework, sit on the couch, watch the news and Wheel of Fortune.

7:31 PM: Realize I should be doing homework and head to my room.

7:31-9 PM: Procrastinate. Blog. Homework. Read. FB/Twitter/IG stalk. Watch TV.

9:15 PM: Get ready for bed. Yes, I am a grandma.

Lay in bed and read or finish up some work until I fall asleep.Then it starts all over again.

So there ya have it. If you ever wanted to know what I do in my life, you now have a peek in to my world a bit. If you didn’t, well you’re welcome anyways. 

See y’all!

Find Happiness


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