Weekend Recap

Hey blogging world! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty solid if I do say so myself, so let’s hop right in to it!

Friday after class I hit the road and headed up to Baltimore to visit Sarah! Her boyfriend was going out of town and we were long overdue for a catch up date so we decided to make it a girls night. It also gave me a chance to check out her new place which is so cute. We chatted for a bit and then eventually made our way to the Inner Harbor for dinner – at RA Sushi! Not before wandering our way to the Under Armour store and obsessing over everything there.

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Displaying image.jpeg

Sarah’s friend Lacey was able to join us as well and it was a great night! We ended up heading back to the house and chatting the night away while watching HGTV – perfect night if you ask me! 

Saturday I woke up and hopped in the shower so I looked semi-presentable for the day. We chatted some more until I had to head out and make my way back to Arlington. 

All day Saturday I was at school helping out with interview day! It ran smoothly, as always, and was a great time. It was a little awkward because we were touring the kids around the building, but they won’t be using that facility! We are moving in to a new building this summer and that building is getting demolished. (It’s bright blue and was once named the eye sore of Arlington – You can understand why it’s being demolished..) But it was still great to meet the prospective students and answer any questions that had. I was exhausted after a day of that and my jaw started hurt from talking so much! 

When my sister invited me to grab a bite to eat with her and her husband I was more than game. Free food? Always in. They had a Groupon for Nando’s Peri-Peri so we went to use the voucher. It was so good! We ended up getting a platter for all of us to split. It was four large pieces of chicken then we got a choice of 2 sides. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the veggie side with what we ordered so we ended up with french fries and rice. Still delicious! They had so many sauces that you can dip the chicken in and it was so good.

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After dinner I was stuffed and was more than ready to go to sleep – so sleep I did! 

Sunday was a lazy day. I did some studying and some preparing of a Super Bowl snack. Then headed over to my sister’s to watch the game. Her husband had the TV an hour behind because he was at birthday party with the boys and wasn’t expecting to be home until 7. (Seriously, who schedules a birthday party until 6:30 on Super Bowl Sunday…?) So this happened..

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I enjoyed the pre-game stuff and most of the 1st quarter downstairs in the play room with my wine and Mickey Mouse blanket; and was sitting in S’s toddler chair. Then Greg told me I could come upstairs and watch that TV live. We had pizza, wings, and I made cowboy caviar, my favorite dip ever!

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I never follow a recipe, I just throw whatever in to a bowl and mix it. This was black beans, frozen corn, tomatoes, avocado, peppers, cilantro, lime juice, cumin, salt, and chili powder. So delicious! About the game…. Well you probably already know how crazy that was. I was NOT expecting that outcome at all. I didn’t care who won really, but I was at least hoping for a close game! At least the commercials were good (which a lot of other people apparently don’t agree with).

So that’s that. It was a good weekend! Today I went to the doctor for my shoulder and so tomorrow I’m going in to get an MRI and arthrogram. AKA they inject dye directly into my joint capsule and then do an MRI. I’ve heard it hurts like a b-word. K. Great. I’ll let you know how that goes. 😦

Today I woke up to sleeting/icing/raining/snow, and since I had no classes I didn’t have access to a gym near me. So while my training was supposed to start today, I wasn’t able to get a run in. I’m not too worried about it though. Tomorrow since I’m going to get an MRI, I’m going to have to get to school early so I can fit a run in and shower before class. 

Back to studying! I’m super pumped to share a new-to-me song tomorrow on Tuesday Tunes! Check back tomorrow to see what it is 🙂



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