I Survived My MRI

HUMP DAY – YEAH! I woke up to a text from school emergency services saying they were opening at 10 am. So back to bed I went! Not really sure how today it going to go since we only have class til 12, but they may keep us there since we’ve missed this class already and are behind. We shall see.

So yesterday I went to get my MRI on my shoulder. If you know anything about me, you know I have some serious anxiety. So I looked up the procedure the night before I went in. Huge mistake. Every other thing I clicked on was “Worst pain of my life”, “Feels like a million bees stinging your shoulder at once”, “Horrible experience with huge needles.” So. I got serious anxiety. I had trouble falling asleep and was thinking about it all day yesterday.

I get to the place, fill out paper work, and wait in the waiting room until the nurse comes to get me. I change in to a gown and take off any jewelry/metal I may have had on me. We makes our way to the room where the needles are. I explain my anxiety to the nurse and that I was slightly freaking out, she assures me they do things differently there and it’s not bad at all. “Riiiiiight” – I’m thinking. The doctor comes in, I lay down facing the wall, gripping the crap out of the bar next to me with my right hand. They douse my shoulder in betadine. The doc uses an ultrasound imaging machine to see where specifically the needle is going. He says there will be a slight pinch, yep, there it is. Not too bad actually. Then for about 20 seconds, there is just a pressure, uncomfortable feeling as the lidocaine, fluids and dye make their way into my joint capsule. Then another pinch to pull out the needle and I was done! Oh. That was it? Anxiety for nothing. It was fine!

Then I made my way across the hall to a room with this in it….

I don’t normally get claustrophobic so I wasn’t too worried. The man asked me what radio station I wanted, I went with the pop/hits station. He strapped my arm down and positioned it then in I went. It was noisy. I couldn’t relax. I kept feeling my shoulder tensing up then I would have to relax it. The man came on my headphones and said I need to stop moving too much because things were blurry. Then he said I couldn’t take deep breaths. Enter anxiety attack. I started focusing on my breathing so much that it made me have labored breathing and I felt like I couldn’t get enough air. So I called out that I was feeling super faint. He shut the machine off, came in and pulled me out. I was embarrassed. They stood over me for a few minutes and let me calm down. My heart was palpitating but my heart rate was normal. I finally calmed down. They offered a sedative but I couldn’t take it then drive home – that wouldn’t work because I had to pick up my nephew from school. I told them – and myself – that I was okay and could do it; I didn’t really have any other choice.

They propped my head up so I could see out of the machine and I changed to a country station, then back in I went. This seemed to work. I focused on the music and I liked that I could see out by my feet and through the window where the MRI techs were. They had to start over basically which kinda sucked, but I was moving a lot in the first one so I understood. This time the guy came on the headphones every once and awhile and would say things like “This one will be for 30 seconds. You’re doing great.”, “Five minutes for this one, looking good.” It seemed to help to kind of break it up in my mind rather than sitting there still for 25 minutes. 

Then before I knew it I was done! Overall not a bad experience at all, just the one faint scare. My shoulder was numb until probably around 6pm which was a really weird feeling that I didn’t like too much. It was also really achy and sore, which they said will probably last a few days. So now I wait til I can get in to see my orthopedic doctor to see what is going on in there. I’m definitely nervous they’re going to have to go in surgically, but I’m also nervous that they don’t find anything. That would be super annoying.

So there’s that. I survived. I’m overdramatic. It’s fine.

Have a good Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “I Survived My MRI

  1. i had to have an MRI on my knee back in high school and i as actually surprised at how easy it was. sometimes holding completely still was a little hard, and they had to take several angles to it did take a little while. yay for us both being MRI survivors!! haha 🙂

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