Busy Busy


Wait, what’s that? Oh yeah, I’ll be buried in notes and books all weekend. Sigh.

So I promise I’ll be back to give a full recap of my day at the hospital yesterday (Spoiler alert: it went GREAT!)

But I seriously have so much to do and these two tests are creeping up on me and I know nothing.

So if you need me, I’ll be a hobbit in the library or in big blue or in my bed this weekend, face first in acute care notes.

Don’t worry, I have some fun planned this evening to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. But before and after that I am all serious-faced studying until Tuesday!

So. I shall leave you with this. Heard it this morning on my radio morning show I listen to. Love it too much…

Any fun plans this weekend?

Are you a wait-til-the-last-minute studier? Or do you like to study as you get the material? I would say I’m a bit of both, but this time around my head just hasn’t been in the game, so not its time to kick my butt back in gear and focus.


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