Who Knew?

Okay. So here is the review of the hospital that I promised you. It may be pretty wordy so bear with me here…

I know I was shocked when the words came out of my mouth, but I actually really enjoyed it. Before starting PT school, I wanted to get some observation hours in at a hospital so I could get a feel for what else PT’s do other than orthopedic things. I didn’t make it past the first patient. I saw no blood. I smelled no abnormal smells. I saw no incisions. I just was watching the PT do her thing then just started feeling super woozy. I played it off and didn’t actually hit the floor, but I was pretty darn close. Long story short, I ended up going home and only seeing her work with one patient.

Fear nothing...

So I was pretty nervous about this experience going in to it. I knew how I reacted last time and so I was expecting the worst. But the whole morning leading up I just kept telling myself that this was something I needed to do. It’s not something that I could just do for five minutes, pass out and go home. No. I needed to get over this anxiety that I held. I needed to get past those feelings and realize that this was part of my career. This was something that I had to do for myself, for my future, and for the patients.

A Quick Guide to Setting (and meeting) Your Goals in 2014

So I went in that building with my head high and ready to go. I warned my CI (clinic instructor) that I was a little anxious and had a history of passing out while in hospitals. They both were awesome and made me feel so much more comfortable and even started cracking jokes saying they were going to follow me with a chair. Also, being with a classmate and not by myself with the CI I think helped too.

So the day started. We only ended up seeing about 5 patients the whole day. Our CI took the time to really let us look over the charts and pick out important information before seeing each patient. He allowed us to make notes and discuss what we thought to be important and things we would have to monitor. I loved how me and my classmate had the chance to work off of each other, but also each had a patient that we took individually.

Our CI saw the first patient and let us kind of observe and get a feel for how he does things. The second patient was a new patient for PT and was ready for an evaluation. I volunteered to do the full evaluation. I went in there and crushed it. Definitely a little rocky with some things and had to look at my CI for reassurance occasionally, but overall I was so proud of myself. After that he let me have a little time to write up the notes for the eval while my classmate read through the chart of her patient she would be evaluating.

Throughout the day, me and my classmate each had a patient that we evaluated and each had one that we treated. I loved how they just kind of threw us in there. Sometimes that’s the best way to learn. It’s definitely a little more nerve racking in a hospital setting since there are too many things that can go wrong, but I’ve learned in just my time there that sometimes things look worse than they are. For example, a patient that we saw had literally every health risk I could think of and not the best lab values, yet when we got in his room he was fully functioning and rocking it down the hall on our walk. You just have to base your treatment on the patient, and not on the lab values and the medical chart write up.

Being at the hospital last week I think definitely helped with my practical today. It made me more confident and my practical went really well!

Overall it was an amazing experience. I never thought I would say that about the hospital. I have been anti-hospital since starting school. But I don’t know. You see so many different types of patients. We saw patients aged 17-81 and diagnoses ranging from joint replacements, fractures, to chronic heart failure. It’s always something different in the hospital which I thought was really cool. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up working in a hospital. It’s definitely something that I will keep on my radar as an option.

I’m pretty bummed actually because this storm that they are calling for may prevent me from getting my second day of observation in on Thursday. We only get to go twice and aren’t able to make it up which is a little silly but I don’t make the rules. Obviously the hospital never closes but if we get the 10-12 inches they are calling for, it will be super dangerous for me to try to get there. I won’t be punished for not going since my safety is the priority here, but it still upsets me that I could miss out on a solid day of clinical experience.

I guess we will play it by ear. I am SO over this snow by the way. Where are you SPRING?!


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