Thinking Out Loud #3

Happy Snow Day!

Time for another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday! Thanks to Amanda at Running with Spoons for the link up!


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Up to my knees

1. This snow is out of control. Literally was not expecting this…..

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We ended up with about 15 inches total. I obviously didn’t make it in to the hospital today. They still expected us to be there, which was ridiculous. The roads are horrible and there is no way my little car would have made it to the metro, let alone the hospital itself. I was up at 5:05 AM looking out the window and texting the other girls in my group that were supposed to go and we all opted to take the snow day. We can’t make it up which sucks, but sorry I’m not sorry. Not worth it to get stuck, get in an accident, etc. to go somewhere and work for free.

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My car is under there somewhere

2. On that note, I got a solid workout done this morning while shoveling. Me and my brother crushed our driveway and finished it all in a little over an hour. I was sweating and my legs and back were burning!

3. This. Griffin is obsessed with the snow. Love love love him.


4. So tomorrow is one of those holidays that I don’t care about and would rather just skip right over right now to be completely honest. But I’m actually kind of excited. A bunch of girls in my class decided we should have a party. Dress up a little, wear nothing but black (no red or pink allowed), have a pot luck dinner, and do a white elephant gift exchange. Then hit the bars and get white girl wasted and just have a good night. Because love isn’t real. Ha. I think it will definitely make the day a little easier when I’m surrounded by my friends.

I offered to make these as a joke because I found them on Pinterest. But now they seriously want me to make them…. So it’s happening today…

5. Our teacher decided to move our test next week. Since we missed a class due to snow and half our class was at the conference last week, there is still some stuff he wanted to go over before the exam. Huge weight off our shoulders this weekend and we can just relax and not have to worry about tests!

6. So I’m going in to get a second opinion on my shoulder. I definitely want someone else to take a look at it before I decide to go under the knife for sure. Because it’s not going to be easy to get it done then just continue classes like normal. I’ll be in a sling anywhere from 2-4 weeks full time then just when I’m out in crowds until 6 weeks. I can’t start strengthening for 6 weeks. And I won’t be able to use my arm to its full capability probably for a solid 4 months. That doesn’t leave me a lot of time to get it done. I have been talking to my professors and they are more than willing to make things work for me. I started physical therapy yesterday, but the things I was told to do are the things that I’ve been doing myself (sometimes…). So we will see what this other surgeon says.

7. My training for my half has actually been going really well. Even with this cold temps we’ve been having, I’ve been pushing myself to get out there and run anyways.

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Luckily, Thursday is my off day so I don’t have to trek through 15 inches of snow or get to a gym in this weather. It should make for an interesting long run on Saturday though if I can’t get to the gym to run it.

8. I’ll end with a mini rant. You saw it snowed. It snowed a good amount. We don’t usually get this much snow around these parts. Everywhere from Georgia up to here has gotten hit pretty hard. They definitely don’t usually get this kind of snow if any at all down south. So my rant is this: Yes, its “funny” when people don’t know how to act in the snow. Yes it’s “funny” when the grocery stores are cleared out. It happens here too and it probably happens everywhere. But it really bothers me when people from places up north that get a shit ton of snow on a yearly basis talk crap about how those in the south react to the weather change. Okay, we get it; you like living in lands similar to tundra in the winter; we get it, you’ve driven to work in 5 inches more than this; but we don’t have (A) the supplies your areas have to clear the roads in an efficient manner, (B) the experience of driving in weather conditions like this, and (C) the desire to care about how much snow you get weekly. Sorry I’m not sorry if this offended anyone, I just get sick of hearing people complain about “OMG its like three inches and the town shut down.” I agree, it’s ridiculous sometimes; but it is what it is. Deal with it. End rant.

Alright friends, I gotta get some homework done on this snow day. And make some cookies. And nap. And watch lots of TV. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #3

  1. I love the GIF of your dog!! So adorable! I’m going to have to figure out how to make one of those haha. My pup just drags his fast through it. He loves the snow but hates the cold! For once Wisconsin didn’t get a horrible storm! It snowed but not enough for a snow day. In order to get a snow day here we’d need so much snow that it came up to my waist. Sigh.

  2. Awwr. I do happen to live in one of those places that get a sh*t tonne of snow, but I try not to giggle at what’s been going on in the south because I know those places aren’t equipped to deal with the white stuff like we are. I’m actually kind of jealous of all the snow days I’ve been hearing about because I honestly don’t remember ever having one. Boo. Oh, and shovelling snow is seriously one of the best workouts there is… especially when it’s kind of wet. Talk about sore for days.

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