Snowy Weekend

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was a mixture of fun and relaxation – just what I needed. So let’s recap!


Friday after class I headed straight to the gym. Even though it was about 45 degrees out, I opted to run on the treadmill because there were minimal sidewalks that were plowed around my school and I would rather not be running and dodging ice patches. I knew I probably would not be getting my long run in Saturday due to the 18 inches of snow at home and no gym access so I decided to push myself. I’m not one to brag about my workouts because usually I’m just too damn slow to have anything to brag about. But I did sprint intervals on the treadmill and finished 3.5 miles in 30 minutes (and like 8 seconds, but we’ll leave that out ;)). I have been so happy with my runs lately. I’ve been pushing myself and really trying to get my speed up and I can just tell a difference in how I feel. Let’s hope I can keep this up!

After the gym, I headed over to a classmates house to prepare for our Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. If you’ve been around lately, you probably could have guessed that I have been dreading this “holiday”. So when my friends from school came up with the idea of a pot-luck-white-elephant-gift-exchange-lots-of-beer get together, I was more than game. Seeing as how I probably would have spent the night in my bed with a bottle of wine by myself and pouting if I hadn’t been with my friends… Anyways. So we decorated – in all black of course!

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And of course black attire was strongly encouraged. The least amount of pink and/or red the better.

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The hosts made a taco bar for everyone to enjoy and everyone else brought along some side dishes. I made sugar cookies. Not just any sugar cookies. Sugar cookies with inspiration from conversation hearts. Anti-Valentines style.

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That happened. (Disclaimer: I’m really not an angry person that hates all things Valentine’s and all things happy; it’s just been a rough month or two for me so this was one day I was not looking forward to. And once I jokingly showed my friends a picture of rude conversation heart cookies, they insisted I make them. So make I did..)

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After we enjoyed the food, we headed over to do the White Elephant gift exchange! Basically the rules are this, you pick a number 1 through how ever many people are participating. You pick a gift in that order. You can steal gifts instead of opening them, but not more than twice. And the first person to go can steal anything they want at the end. These gifts were good ones! They ranged anywhere from movies, to hangover kits, to ice molds, to this….

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Hahaha. This was a huge hit in our group and everyone was dying laughing. Overall it was a great success of a night. After presents we just sat around and played some drinking games, chatted, laughed A LOT, and just had a great time. It was definitely better than anything I would have been doing by myself at home. And it was much needed because I seriously have not laughed that much in months. Just another reminder of the amazing friends that I have in my life.

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Saturday morning I woke up early – like I always do after a night of drinking. It’s the worst! And it was starting to sleet a bit so I decided to hit the road. Once I got home, I hung around and watched the Olympics for a bit.. Anyone else see that USA Russia hockey game?? So good! Oshie! That’s what the Olympics are all about – and it wasn’t even a medal game. Then I knew Griffin was getting stir crazy so I decided to bundle up and attempt a long walk through the ice and snow.

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Griffin isn’t my dog, we just watch him for a family friend whenever they go out of town. But I love this pup as if he were my own! And honestly, I’m not even that much of a dog person (I’m allergic and they smell.) But we’ve been watching him this week and I haven’t gotten the chance to take him on a good walk because of this weather so he was loving it.

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It was super snowy and icy, so it made me feel better about not getting my long run in. It was a workout in itself – 3 miles of trekking through that stuff.


Seeing that most of the sidewalks were semi-shoveled on Saturday after the walk, I wanted to try and get out for my run Sunday morning. However, after a 2 mile walk with the pup, I realized how icy it had gotten. The temps were in the teens with windchill and everything had frozen up. Griff was walking on the foot of snow due to the layer of ice on top. I had pushed myself at the gym Friday knowing I probably wouldn’t be getting my long run in so I wasn’t too disappointed. I ended up doing an OnDemand Yoga for runners and some exercises for my shoulder.

The rest of Sunday was super lazy. I watched Monsters University and hung out with the little monsters in my life, the nephews, while my sister and her husband went to a wedding. I also finished up some homework and caught up on some notes and studying for exams that will creep up soon.

Sunday morning, we also found out that my grandmother passed in her sleep. She has been battling a fight with cancer and has been in tons of pain lately, so we know she is in a better place. So I’ll be making a trip up to Maine soon with the family. She lived an amazing life: 7 children, 19 grandchildren, and 4 (and a half; my cousin is pregnant) great-grandchildren. She will be greatly missed but I am so happy she is no longer suffering. Please keep my family in your prayers while we get through this tough time.

Sorry to end on a down note – have a great week everyone!


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