Tuesday Tunes

Happy Tuesday! Not a lot of things to chat about so here’s the song I’ve been loving lately…

Lady Antebellum – Compass.

“You want to give up cause it’s dark… We’re really not that far apart. So let your heart sweetheart be your compass when you’re lost and you should follow it where ever it may go.”

P.S. Some good news: What they thought was a tear in my labrum of my shoulder is actually an enlarged ligament. So what does that mean? I have no freaking clue. But the surgeon suggested exhausting PT before opting to get surgery since it isn’t a tear. Therefore, no surgery! For now.

See y’all!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. YES!!! some country tunes!! i’m allllll about country music! haha. i just heard maggie rose’s new song the other day, looking back now. have you heard it? i’m hooked! great news on the surgery front! fingers crossed for you! 🙂

  2. Of course Carrie and I are the ones to comment on this. MIDWESTERN GIRLS! Haha I love me some country jams. Pretty much all I listen to! Compass is one of my favorite Lady A songs! They’re just wonderful!

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