Icy Run

Just thought I would take a few minutes to chat and say hello!

Today is the day I head up to Maine to see all my far-away-family and spend the next few days celebrating the life of my amazing grandmother. The other day while cleaning the house I  stumbled across some old albums that I enjoyed looking through. There were tons of pictures of my grandparents when they were my parents age and younger. It was awesome to look back at all of that. Then I stumbled across this picture….

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Me, Mom, Aunt, Grandma

Sorry for the crappy picture, taking pictures of pictures is hard haha. This is the last time I was up in Maine which was around my sophomore year in high school I believe. Maybe even before that, I honestly can’t remember when it was. Me and my mom drove up and stopped in Connecticut to see penguins at an aquarium and then Boston to be tourists before finally reaching Maine. P.S. Don’t mind my outfit, the early 2000’s were awkward.

I also stumbled across some of my baby pictures which are always so fun to look at….

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And of course, in honor of the Winter Olympics right now, I’ll throw it on back to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia that my family and I attended….

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Me and my brother. We were cute. Or so we thought. Hahahaha… We got along well this trip, until we were getting off the train one day and he told me to get off on the right.. while my entire family got off on the left. Then the train left. I was 7.

Anywho! Today I got up early and did my long run to get it out of the way since I knew I would be traveling all day. Unfortunately, when a foot of snow melted yesterday, then temps dropped below freezing over night, my run looked more like this….

It was treacherous. I kid you not I probably looked like this a few times. I was staring at the ground my entire run because some areas would be fine then in ten steps it would be sheets of black ice. So while it was not anywhere near the fastest run ever (read: almost 2 mins slower pace than my usual), I’m glad that I still got the miles in!

Alright well I’m gonna do some studying until we head out to the airport.

Have a good week everyone, I probably won’t be back until later next week

Do you enjoy looking at old albums? There’s just something about them that brings everything back.


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