So is it Spring yet….??? Yes another snow day in these parts…

I am so sick of this winter. Snow is awful. While I am thankful that it provided me with a whole day extra to study for my exam I was supposed to have this morning, it also doesn’t allow me to study for the practical that we will have tomorrow pending no cancellation/delay. Ugh, so over it. Okay, end rant.

I really don’t have anything to share with you all day. My weekend was literally spent studying for approximately 20+ hours. I did have a great run yesterday though that I’ll share!

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I knew that I would be studying all day long so I wanted to get my long run in for the weekend. Since the temps were in the teens Saturday morning, I opted to do a shorter 2-3 mile run Saturday. Sunday morning it was about 37 when I headed out and warmed up to the low 40s by the time I finished. It was perfect running weather compared to what I’ve been running in lately. I felt great the whole 6.5 miles and even had negative splits nearly the entire run! That was my longest run in over a year (since my training for my last half) and I am so happy it felt so good. I think next weekend is supposed to be in the 50’s so hopefully I have another good run next week. Overall my half marathon training is going really well. Even though I wasn’t able to run last weekend/week as much as I would have liked, I know that it won’t affect my training and I’ll be just fine.

Since I have nothing else to chat about, I thought I would find a random questionnaire and fill it out while I drink my coffee before indulging in my studies once more. So here we go…

A: What are your favorite smells?

In the Fall and Winter I love anything apple cinnamon. All candles in my house are that scent. In Spring and Summer I prefer lavender scents. I also kinda love the smell of chlorine – like, the smell of indoor pools.

B: Can you go a whole day without caffeine?

I can, but I will probably have a roaring headache by noon. I try to wean myself off of the stuff, but then things like midterms come in to play and….

C: Who knows more about you than anyone else?

Casey. Without a doubt. Knows me better than I know myself sometimes and I wouldn’t have it any other way. MFEO.

D: What song did you last listen to?

Ride by SoMo. Slightly obsessed at the moment.

E: Do you have a crush on anybody?

Not at the moment.

F: Do you like The Beatles?

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, but they are a classic and you can never go wrong with listening to their music.

G: If you could choose one color to wear for the whole year, what color would you choose?

Neon. Because the world sometimes need to be a little brighter. But I guess if I were to choose something more professionally appropriate – I would choose black because it goes with everything.

H: Do you cook often?

My mommy does the cooking. Hahaha – I swear I’m 25 years old. I can make a mean egg sandwich. Perks of living at home while working through a doctorate program – I study and wait for food to be placed in from of me (spoiled).

I: What was the last film you watched? Did you like it?

Oblivion was on HBO a few nights ago that I watched. I thought it was pretty cool.

J: Can you sew?

Can dogs talk?

K: What is your favorite fruit?

I like all the fruits. In the summer I go a little fruit crazy. I love mangoes and strawberries. I eat pints of blueberries in one sitting. I love oranges – they are delicious right now! I love apples – Gala and Honeycrisp and Granny Smith. I could eat pineapple all day until I get sores from the acidity. I hate the texture of bananas but I eat one daily – they have to be more on the green side though. I am the most picky fruit eater – I will not eat an apple if it is bruised, I will not eat blueberries if they are squishy, I will not eat  bananas if they have brown on them.

L: Are you health-conscious?

I like to work out if that’s what you’re asking? I am aware of my health status and like to do healthy things. But I also like to splurge and won’t say no to chocolate if offered. 

M: Go do the Kinsey scale test. What number result did you receive?

I don’t know what this is and don’t feel like looking it up. But Kinsey is a family name.

N: Do you curse a lot?

Way more than a lady should. I have the mouth of a sailor.

O: When was the last time you had a pint of beer?

Hmmmmm, last weekend I got pretty tipsy with my aunts and uncles.

P: Are you Pro Life or Pro Choice?

I am pro-choice. But I am not a political type person, nor will I fight with you if you disagree with me. It is what it is.

Q: Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason?

I have a major sweet tooth. But I crave bagels and cream cheese like it’s my damn job. I honestly think I could live off of bagels and cream cheese. Especially if it’s from Royal Bakery.

R: What was the last book you purchased?

Acute Care Handbook for Physical Therapists – 4th edition. Hahaha my life is a joke. I go to the library though for when I’m reading non-school related books.

S: Where was your last vacation?

I guess you could say last weekend when I went to Maine. Although I wouldn’t call that a vacation per say due to the circumstances. So, the last place I actually went for vacation was South Carolina in September.

T: Do you shave your pits.

Lol yes.

U: Did you ever play Seven Minutes in Heaven?

Oh middle school awkward times…

V: Girls, when was the last time you went without a bra?

When I showered? I like to keep these things on lock so I sleep in bras and wear them all the time. I’d prefer to not get slapped in the face while sleeping – thank you very much.

W: Guys, when was the last time you went shirtless in public?

Who says I haven’t done this recently too…?

X: Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen?

I’ve broken my pinky toe on each foot about 3-4 times each. Perks of being a soccer player. Other than that, the only thing I’ve broken is my 5th metacarpal – aka the bone of my pinky in my hand. I was at a soccer camp at UNC Chapel Hill, it was the second day of a week long camp. I played goalie back then. We were practicing 1v1 techniques. I came out and dove at the oncoming striker, stopped the ball with my hands/arms, then the idiot decided to kick the ball anyways and kicked my hand. Me, thinking I knew everything about anything, pulled my glove off and assumed it was just jammed because of the way she kicked it. So I pulled on my pinky the way you would do if you actually jam your finger. Well that hurt a lot. So I carried my hand to the trainer tent (I couldn’t hold my hand up due to pain) and told them I jammed my finger. They laughed, called my parents and took me to the ER. AKA, waste of money for the camp  because I couldn’t participate the rest of the week. And I was scared to play goalie after that. And my pinky doesn’t work very well and I can’t make a fist because they decided not to go in and set the bone. End story.

Y: How do you like your eggs?

Fried. I hate runny eggs. That’s gross.

Z: What was your last argument about and who with?

I don’t even know. I try to stay away from arguments. I like happiness.

Well that’s all I got for y’all today. Tomorrow I’ll be featured on one of my best friend’s blogs while she’s away in Bolivia having a grand old time. Enjoy your snow day if you have one today and pray for no more snow.


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