Tuesday Tunes #6

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone stayed safe out there if you’re being impacted by this storm. We have a delayed opening today due to the refreeze of all the ice (wind chills in the negative – yay.) I’ve heard it’s pretty bad out there on the roads and the highways are a mess so I’m so not looking forward to making the trip to school. But I really would like to get these exams over with! Practical today – then written tomorrow after other classes. Then I will be in spring break mode 100%.

But it’s that time of the week again – Tuesday Tunes! If you’re new around here, Tuesday Tunes is just something I made up to share some music I’ve been loving lately. I know I’m always looking for new music so I figured by sharing some of my favorite jams of the week I would maybe help some of you in finding new music!

This is an older song but I’ve been loving it lately on my runs. I love when my shuffle reminds me of long lost songs that I used to be obsessed with but kind of forgot about. So here ya go… Nikki Williams – Glowing.

This is another song I like to blast and sing really loud on my drives to and from school.

Well I’m going to head out to school since traffic is probably horrendous. Have a good Tuesday y’all.

P.S. Check me out on my best friend Chelsea’s blog today! I wrote up a quick guest post for her while she is enjoying her time in Bolivia – away from all this snow and cold, so jealous. I’m chatting about grad school + eating healthy and finding time to work out.


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