Thinking Out Loud #6

It’s Thursday which only means one thing…. Time to put your thoughts out there with Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud! I love this link up because I don’t consider myself a hard core blogger and so I never really have any exciting things to talk about. So this link up lets me just chat about whatever is on my mind at the moment. Without further ado….


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1. I know, I haven’t stopped complaining about winter since it started. But this is just annoying at this point. It’s March. And we hit record lows on Monday. I’m talking single digits. Again, it’s March. Just stop it and give me summer. Don’t make me move further south, mother nature.

2. I am so happy that I decided to help out with coaching lacrosse this year. Not only is my friend (the head coach) so thankful that I’m there to help out, but I genuinely am enjoying it and it’s barely even started. I honestly haven’t picked up a lacrosse stick since senior year in high school with the exception of maybe one or two “catch” rounds with my brother. But today we were doing partner drills with the girls and we were uneven so I decided to hop in and partner up with one of the seniors. I was a little rusty but it was fun to join in. It’s nice to be able to give back a little to your high school and get involved in the community.

3. Like I’ve talked about before, I don’t limit myself much when it comes to diet because I guess I’ve been blessed with the ability to eat whatever and still look the same – I know, I know, it will catch up to me one day, but I just plan on working out as much as I do and hope it stays that way. But even though I don’t “diet”, I don’t like filling my body with crap. And grad school and stress sometimes makes me reach for the chocolate and french fries. So for Lent, I decided to seriously limit the amount of processed foods I consume. I want to eat more wholesome foods, more veggies, more protein, more fruits. Less bagels and french fries and artificial sweeteners.

4. Also for Lent, I want to overall try to be more positive. I have a notebook that I bought at the beginning of the year to turn in to a Book of Positive Thoughts. But I have yet to write in it. I got the idea from one of my best friends and fellow blogger, Chelsea. One day she wrote about her little journal she has where she tries to write a positive thing in it every day. It’s no secret the past few months haven’t been the best for me, therefore positivity is something I have had trouble finding within myself. So starting now, I want to start using that book. I want to find something positive in every day. I want to remember every day that even if things don’t go the best, it’s not the end of the world.

5. Yesterday I finished with my acute care exams and my brain officially turned in to spring break mode. Even thought I still have to go to clinic today and have a full day of classes tomorrow – my brain is off. Because on Friday at 1:50 I will officially have a week off. Unfortunately I’ll probably be doing work most days to catch up on the busy work while I have the time to. But I do have some fun things planned including meeting a precious little 3 week old baby girl.

6. My clinic tomorrow is at a long term rehab facility – a little different than a hospital setting but still considered a type of acute care. Hopefully I enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the hospital and fingers crossed I don’t pass out – haha. The one unfortunate thing is this place is 40 miles from my house. And I have to be there at 9:15. Which, for those of you non-DMV people, means I’ll be sitting in traffic for hours. I basically have to go around the entire beltway – yay. I am thankful though that they found a place to put us and the last two classmates that went had a great experience.

I’m drawing blanks on other things in my head. Honestly my brain is in spring break mode because it’s not working.

Pretty much. See y’all! 🙂


One thought on “Thinking Out Loud #6

  1. I love the positive thoughts book idea! I have a similar gratitude journal thing going on, and it’s definitely made me more feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

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