We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging….

So I’ve been all over the place the last few weeks with spring break and being so busy last week, but no worries…. I’m back!! I’ll be going back to my regular post schedule and since it’s Monday, we might as well hop right in to the weekend recap – it sure was a great one!


After classes Friday I headed home in hopes to get a run in. Then on my way home it started pouring out of no where. The forecast literally was calling for 60s all day, not rain!! I was annoyed, but I also was having some pretty bad calf pain so it probably wasn’t a bad idea that I skipped my run. Luckily, our lacrosse game didn’t get called so our Varsity girls had their first game! And we won! It was a great game and I’m so happy to have that 1-0 record under our belt. The head coach and I definitely had a list of things that we need to work on with the girls from what we saw in the game, but overall we were so happy with the result and how they played.

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The rest of Friday was spent preparing for Saturday and sleeping so now for the fun part….


I knew I would be travelling all day so I set my alarm for 5:30am and got up for a run before the sun came up. Nine miles was on my agenda but my calf wasn’t feeling 100% and I just didn’t think I could fit it in before I had to hit the road so I completed 6. Better than nothing?? Anywho… once I was showered and ready I headed to my old roommate’s place in VA, then we headed up to Philly to scoop up our other roommate.

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Our other roommate (lots of roommates) got engaged last year and her bridal party decided to throw her a surprise shower!

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It was about another two hour drive from Philly to north Jersey so we hit the road! We were so excited to see what her reaction would be. We arrived at her parents house, were directed on where to park and then the waiting game started! She was told they were picking up her parents then going to dinner. When we were told she and her fiance were on the way, we all piled in to the foyer and up the steps in the foyer so we would all be there when she walked in….

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Here she comes……

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SURPRISE!!!! She was so surprised! But here’s the best part: as she was making her way around the foyer giving hugs and trying to get settled down, she casually made her way towards the steps where we were. So we walked down a little bit and waited for her to get to us. We thought she had seen us when she walked in, but apparently not… As she was hugging someone her eyes wandered toward us and she stopped in her tracks. She screamed and started to cry, which meant we all started to cry as we were hugging. It was the absolute best. Everyone there was so happy we all came from so far to be there for her but we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. We won for the best reaction from her according to everyone else because she was surprised we came from so far. People we had never met were saying things like “So you’re the Salisbury girls we hear so much about….” It was hilarious.

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The day progressed with food eating and opening of presents and stuff. Then we headed out to celebrate!!!

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We went to a local bar down the street that had a good DJ and of course all of the March Madness games on. It was definitely a night to remember. The night involved a lot of beers, too much a lot of fireball, a little tequila, and a whole lot of dancing. The best ingredients for a great night. We eventually headed back to her parent’s house to attempt a bonfire – it failed and we went to sleep.

Sunday was spent driving home and recuperating. I can’t hang like I used to, that’s for sure. I finished up some assignments and watched Frozen (best ever) also on Sunday. Then hit the pillows hard, super early. Like so grandma early I don’t even want to say..

This was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve had in a really long time and it just reminded me of what an amazing group of girls I get to call my best friends. If I had one wish, it would be that we all lived closer to each other and could hang out all the time at each others houses and watch marathons of Friends like we’re back in college again. As exhausted as I was yesterday (and still am), it was all so worth it to see Stef’s reaction to us being there with her to celebrate. Love love love it.

Do you like surprises? Do your college friends live close to you or are you spread out?


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