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Happy Thursday! Today is going to be a great day/already is a great day so let’s just hop right in to the randomness of Thinking Out Loud Thursdays with Amanda! Check out her blog for a link up of what other bloggers are thinking about on this Thursday.


1. Today I did not have to set an alarm or be up early for any reason at all. It seriously made me the happiest person ever. I don’t think I’ve caught up on the lack of sleep this past weekend so I was struggling all week. Turning off that 5:27 AM alarm = heaven. This is when I woke up instead: (Note: I was asleep by 9:30 last night..)

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2. I could have gotten up and ran. But I felt that scratchy feeling in my throat last night and have been so exhausted I decided not to. (And it was 23 degrees at 8am) I honestly haven’t ran since Saturday. The weather hasn’t been cooperating and not having access to a gym when I’m home makes things hard. Like I’ve said before though, a few days off in the middle of my training will make no difference. I know my body and know it was probably better that I took a few days off before pounding out these next few weeks of training. Plus my calves were not 100% my last few runs.. now they feel great! Today is officially 30 days until the half!!

3. Since I wanted to relax this morning and not force myself to do anything, I made some fried eggs with whole wheat toast and enjoyed it with a large cup of coffee while watching the Today Show. Perfection, if you ask me. And yes, that’s Old Bay on my eggs. I’m from Maryland. It’s what we do here.

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4. I plan on knocking out a few lectures today with studying. We have two exams next week and so much information that we have covered. The snow hasn’t been helping either because we have had to speed through information to catch up. But I know I will be good to go come next Friday!

5. Speaking of snow: we got another 3 inches on Tuesday.

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I am so over this!! It’s nearly April and I’ve had maybe two training runs outside that have been over 50 degrees. Also, we were supposed to have a lacrosse game Tuesday that got cancelled (obvs), AND our game for tonight got cancelled because the field is still snowy/soaked. This better have been the last hoo-rah because I am this close to moving south.

6. Because of the weather, our practices for lacrosse have been inside. Which is awful. 40+ girls in a small auxiliary gym that’s 100 degrees, awful. We can’t do a lot with them because there isn’t a lot of space. Luckily, we know that all the other teams have been in the same situation but it’s been hard. And apparently it’s supposed to rain all weekend – K great, thanks mother nature.

7. Last night I made my most favorite spaghetti squash recipe. I think I’ve talked about it on here before. Southwest style spaghetti squash (nice alliteration.)

Displaying photo 3.JPG

Sorry for the poor picture. I had just gotten home from practice and was lounging on the couch eating when I decided to snap a picture. This had a lot of alterations because we used what we had on hand. No black beans = we used cannelloni beans. Added ground turkey. Added bell peppers (all the colors), tomatoes, and cilantro. Added lots of spices – cumin, paprika, chili powder, curry, whatever… Delicioussss.

8. I’ve watched Frozen entirely too many times than I want to admit. I love it. I saw it in theaters. And now I own it. And I watch it whenever I am lounging around studying. I really think me and Olaf would be BFFs if he was a real snowman person.

9. Game of Thrones starts back up 10 days! I’m so excited. I can’t handle another Red Wedding but I’ve heard that this season is gonna get a little CRAY. Ahhhh!

10. I can’t believe I have a little over a month left of my second year of PT school. We finish exams early in May, celebrate hard, have our pinning ceremony, then start our first full time clinical placements the next week! It’s starting to get real, guys!

BONUS: (I was done then remembered this and had to share:)

11. Working with high school girls has opened up my eyes to the next generation. I’m scared for them sometimes. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the words “swag”, “twerk”, “selfie”, and “or nah”. For the most part (I would say 80% of the time), they are how any of us were in high school. But sometimes I really question their train of thoughts or the things that come out of their mouths. Don’t get me wrong, coaching is the most fun I have had in a long, long time. It’s an adventure every day and I love every second of it. I love interacting with the girls, I love getting in there and running with them, I love the respect they give me and the head coach. But it’s definitely a new experience for me that allows me to see a side of their generation that I wouldn’t normally see. I see both great things that I wouldn’t see, and things that make me question a lot (haha).

Oh, and mad props to all you teachers out there who have the incredibly taxing job of dealing with children who aren’t yours on a daily basis. Seriously don’t know how you all do it, but someone has to.. so thank you. 

That’s all I have for you today. Enjoy your Thursday and tell me something random that you’re thinking today!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. First of all, Frozen = YES! I saw it in theatres and loved it, and while I haven’t gone out and bought the DVD yet, it’s definitely near the top of my to-do list. Such an amazing movie. And an entirely too addictive soundtrack. Do you ever catch yourself singing Let It Go Ditto on that one 😉

    And snow… we’re not even going to talk about the fact that it looks more like Christmas right now than it does Easter. Over it.

    1. With my nephews constantly yelling “FOR THE FIRST TIME IN NUH-NEVER” (we’re working on the lyrics for them..) I literally have songs stuck in my head all day.

      Snow…. global warming my rear-end.

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