Here Comes the Rain

Happy Monday guys. How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty low key and very wet. I guess when winter decided to leave, spring decided to enter full force with it’s spring showers. It rained about 2-3 inches on Saturday and didn’t really stop until Sunday night/early this morning. It actually snowed a solid an inch Sunday too; ENOUGH. Lets just dive right on in to the weekend recap.


The high schoolers didn’t have school on Friday due to the end of the quarter so the head coach held practice in the morning while I was in class. I didn’t mind because that freed up my afternoon to get a solid trail run in!

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I hadn’t run up to the local park in awhile and since it was a nice 60 degrees I took full advantage and did an easy 3 miles. It felt great since that was my first run in nearly 5 days not including sprints or field laps with the girls. The rest of Friday was spent relaxing and watching Harry Potter.


Saturday started bright and early with lax practice. Since we haven’t been able to get outside as much as we have liked the past week due to snow and rain, we really wanted to get the girls outside and get some practice time in. We have three big games this week and I’m glad we could at least get out there and throw around a bit – even if our practice field was straight mud….

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As practice went on it started raining a bit harder so we ended up calling it a bit early. But the girls were troopers and stuck it out.

The rest of Saturday was spent at the library. I have two exams at the end of this week and I’m feeling pretty well prepared for them. After a few hours at the library I came home and relaxed the rest of the night hanging out with my nephews and watching Frozen, again. And for dinner enjoyed my Mom’s famous spaghetti pie. Soooo delicious.

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Well, as much as I was hoping for the rain to have stopped so I could get my 10 miler in – it had not stopped. So what did I do? I sucked it up and hit the roads!

It actually wasn’t too bad to be honest. I thought I was going to be dreading it the entire 10 miles but I actually enjoyed it and felt great. I usually don’t share my splits because I’m a slow poke and don’t like showing off how slow I am to people, but I was pretty proud of these splits:

Mile 1: 9:37 (maybe a little too fast; see mile 2.)

Mile 2: 10:28

Mile 3: 10:13

Mile 4: 10:00 (finally got my groove down; optimal pace for me)

Mile 5: 9:58

Mile 6: 11:00 (see below)

Mile 7: 10:22

Mile 8: 10:15

Mile 9: 10:22

Mile 10: 10:05

Note: Mile 6 was the absolute WORST. It was at my turn around point, which was about .75 miles uphill with the wind coming straight at my face. OMG I thought I was going to die. I felt like I wasn’t moving at all and I couldn’t hear because the wind was blowing so hard. Then when I hit the next road I needed to turn on to head back home, the wind was across me instead of head on – much better.

Overall, I’m super proud of my run. It was pouring off and on the entire time and there were wind gusts 20-30 miles per hour. Now that’s dedication. My  pace for the 10 miles was 10:17 which is solid for me. One thing I’m excited about is that my half is going to be completely flat! All the crazy alterations in my times here are definitely due to hills. I can feel a PR coming during this race!

The rest of Sunday was spent foam rolling, stretching, hydrating, napping and Harry Potter-ing.

Oh, and it was customer appreciation day at a local froyo place aka $1 froyo no matter what the weight! Oh you better believe I took full advantage of that after that run.

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That’s all I got for you guys. How was your weekend??


One thought on “Here Comes the Rain

  1. Yayyyyyy what an awesome run!! You go girl!! You’re going to rock your half 🙂 You better believe I watched Harry Potter lyesterday too lol. I couldn’t stop!!

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