And the surprise is…….

Happy Tuesday! 

I don’t have my normal Tuesday Tunes for you. Instead I thought I would reveal what the surprise is that I’ve been hinting at for a few posts….

It’s not my surprise to reveal. Which is why I needed to wait until the person involved revealed it to the world.

Cause it’s been burning inside me for weeks! I’m good with keeping secrets, for the most part. But when it’s something so exciting I have a hard time not telling close friends….

Aaaahhhhhhh. That’s right. My sister is pregnant with baby number three! Auntie x3! 

Displaying photo.JPG

S’s shirt reads: “I am going to be the middle child in October 2014.”

I am so blessed to have two amazing nephews already and I can’t wait to meet this new little blessing coming in October. Fingers crossed for pink bows and dresses! (Not that I don’t love cars, trucks, and mud…)

See y’all!



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