Thinking Out Loud

It’s Thursday which means we are almost to Friday!

This week was a funny one for me. Wednesday we didn’t have any classes because it was research presentation day – of course during the time that I would be at practice so I ended up not going. Then today is normally a clinic day but I finished my last clinic a few weeks ago. Two days off mid-week? Yes please. And next week we only have class until Wednesday because then we have Easter break Thursday-Monday. Perks of going to a private Catholic school.

So you know what Thursday means around here – linking up with the lovely Amanda over at Running with Spoons with Thinking Out Loud! If you’re not sure what that is, it’s basically just a chance to get all your thoughts out to the blogging world with no rhyme or reason: my kind of blogging if you ask me! Head on over to see what others are thinking about!


1. You guys, I think spring is finallllyyyyyyyy here to stay!

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I don’t want to jinx it. But the weather has been in the 60’s for the last few days and is supposed to stay around there for the near future. And the flowers are blooming in my front yard. Please stay.

2. The one down side of spring: my allergies are ALREADY going cray cray. I’ve been non-stop sneezy and keep getting massive headaches in the mid morning hours. Ugh – you win some and lose some, and I will take warmer weather + sneezing over below freezing temps any day.

3. My brother moved out (Woo!) so now I get my bathroom back to myself. Anyone who has ever shared a bathroom with a brother understands where I’m coming from when I say this: I can’t wait for my bathroom to be clean for longer than 2 days. I did a serious scrub down this past weekend: Read: so much bleach. And I am in the process of tossing a coat of paint on the walls to match my new fun shower curtain that I found on the clearance rack for $8!

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4. Guess who lost his first tooth?!

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This little dude! He wiggled it loose during story time at school and waited until the teacher was done with the book before he told her because he didn’t want to interrupt. What a polite little man, haha. He is getting so big and he amazes me every day with something new. Proud auntie right here.

5. I hit the weights yesterday for the first time in over a month! It felt so good to get back in there and lift. I did a lot of stability work on the Bosu ball (Love that thing!) and did some deadlifts, squats, and lunges. I’m still a little wary lifting upper body because my shoulder isn’t 100% so I typically avoid it. I stick to planks and lower body stuff.

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Check out that leg definition! Strong is the new skinny. 🙂

6. Our first home game, our warm-up CD the girls made wasn’t approved yet so we had no music. Yesterday was the first day that we had the music. It was awful. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some country music. But not to warm-up to before a game! Five of the first seven songs were country. So yesterday I spent a few hours putting together a warm-up mix of my own. Hopefully the AD can listen to it and approve it before our game today – I can’t suffer through that CD twice today.

7. As you’re reading this I am actually probably in DC!

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Being the awful local that I am, I don’t think I have ever been down to see the Cherry Blossoms when they are in bloom. Today is supposed to be 75 degrees so I am headed down to the Tidal Basin with a classmate to go for a jog! I am pumped!

8. I feel like I had so many other great random thoughts and rants during the week that I wanted to include here – but of course I can’t think of them now. I’m going to have to start writing this post earlier in the week!

Tell me your random thoughts today! Do you have a very tourist-y thing in your area that you have never actually done? I think the Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the biggest tourist-y things in DC and it’s funny to me that I’ve never actually been when I’ve lived less than an hour away my entire life.


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. I’m doing all sorts of happy dances that spring seems to finally be here as well. Of course, for us that means lots of gray skies and grimy brown roads, buuuuut at least it’s warmer and a sign that better days are on the way. I’m pretty sure I’m going to squeal from excitement when I see green grass and budding trees. Wheeeee! 😀

  2. You are most definitely running right now (er- at least you were earlier) judging by those GORGEOUS pix popping up on my news feed! I’m hoping to get down there on saturday so fingers crossed!!

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