Lets Be a Tourist

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day out and I am so happy that I made it out to DC. I had never been down to the Cherry Blossoms when they were in bloom because I am an awful local. So when I saw that it was going to be a beautiful day (about 75 degrees) and I had the day off, I wanted to take full advantage. I contacted my classmate who is training for the Nike Half and she was more than game to take the metro down to the Tidal Basin.

I don’t really have much else to share today so I’m just going to dump my photos on you.

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On top of the Jefferson Memorial steps!

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FDR Memorial

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It was a gorgeous day and we ended up doing just about 5 miles! That was way more than I was anticipating but it was a great run! It was super slow because there were people everywhere and I kept stopping to take pictures and be a tourist :). 

Yesterday was also National Sibling Day so I put together this little montage of my sibs.

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Thankful to be the baby in the family with these two supporting me and looking over me. Definitely blessed beyond belief.

Last night we had a tough lax game against one of our biggest rivals. Varsity lost by 1 so that’s always a rough way to go down. Tonight we have another game against a very good team so it should be interesting.

Tomorrow I’m planning on a 12 mile run – my last long run before I begin to taper. My half is officially 15 days away! I’m definitely starting to get a little nervous but I know I will do just fine. I’ve been hydrating and plan on bringing food with me tonight because last week I hadn’t eaten a full dinner the night before and my run was a huge struggle. Fingers crossed for a solid last long run!

Have a good weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Lets Be a Tourist

  1. So for some reason your pics still haven’t been showing up for me 😦 I thought it was just my computer but now I’m on a diff one and I still can’t see them. Wahhhh!!

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