Calm Before the Superstorm

Instead of being super productive over this Easter break like I had hoped – I enjoyed a little break before things get super crazy around here. I did manage to finish one of my papers and get a good amount done on the other one – but I haven’t started studying like I should be for these finals that are creeping up. Anyways, enough small talk. Let’s get to the brunt of this post which is, as always on Mondays, a weekend recap. I actually don’t have classes today either, but I’m taking full advantage of that and spending it in the library.

Let’s see, I left off on Wednesday? Right. So Thursday I went to the Nats game with Chelsea and a bunch of her friends that I’ve met numerous times! It was super last minute but definitely a good time – despite the cold!

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Friday started with my last physical therapy appointment for my shoulder. I had been wanting to be discharged for awhile but they wanted to make sure I had the exercises down. My shoulder isn’t 100% percent and I still can’t really lift upper body which was my goal – but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to pop out all the time anymore, so I would call that a success. After my appointment I went to visit a few friends and their baby girl again. Always great seeing them – and delivering precious headbands with the dad’s high school football team logo on it! Love it.

Friday night called for dinner with two of my best girlfriends – Hana and Chelsea! We went to Chef Geoff’s in DC then walked around and snapped a few pics at the White House and Washington Monument. I definitely take advantage of the fact that we live so close to this incredible city – I don’t go there enough!

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Such a perfect night with these ladies! Great dinner, great conversation and a solid walk around DC afterwards!

Saturday started with a 7 mile tempo run! It started as a regular run – then I felt so great and realized I was hitting negative splits almost every mile so I just stepped it up and pushed myself and BOOM… 9:47 average pace for 7 miles. Definitely one of my fastest times for that distance. I’m seriously feeling a PR next week guys! Speaking of my race… I always treat myself to a new pair of Nike tempo shorts as a “Congrats for not dying during training/the race.” So I went and got a pair! I had a 25% coupon and you know I love me some coupons and sales so I took advantage!

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Already planning my race day outfit to coordinate with them 🙂 haha.

The rest of Saturday was spent working on my paper, running errands and finished with dinner at my sister’s house.

Easter Sunday is always one of my favorites. We go to a family friends house every year for a huge get together around brunch time and I eat entirely too much food. Seriously, though. I haven’t eaten that much food in a very long time. Baked french toast, veggie pizza, veggies and dip, fruit salad, brisket, ham, rolls, casseroles. OMG. I didn’t get a picture of the spread ( a lot of it I couldn’t eat because, cheese 😦 ) but it was a lot. There are usually anywhere from 7-10 families that come plus friends, so the spread is always large. Then there was an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos…

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And I spent plenty of time with this man… Love him!

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After brunch I went on a long walk with my Mom to enjoy the beautiful weather and help me feel less chubby after the amount that I ate. Then I ate more. My mom for dinner made ham, lamb, asparagus, sweet potatoes, green beans, regular potatoes, and rolls. And again, I ate my body weight of food. Then finished it off with carrot cake. I have a problem – I don’t know how to say no to delicious food!

Overall it was a great weekend! As mentioned earlier, I’m not in class today but I’ll be going on a run, getting work done in the library and eventually heading to practice. Happy Monday!

How was your Easter weekend?


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