Pardon My French…

But this is how I feel this week, and next week, and the week after that until the 7th….


On my to do list right now:

– Present a group project today in class based on a paper I just submitted this morning

– Start and finish another paper for Acute care on treatment for a man who had a heart attack by Friday

– Perform a practical in Modalities on Wednesday in which I have no clue what I’m doing…

(- Lacrosse games Tuesday and Thursday this week)

– Run a half marathon (and crush it!) on Saturday

– Meet up with a classmate Sunday to pound through our last assignment for one class

– Final Practical for Modalities next Wednesday

– Last Acute Care written test next Friday before finals

– Monday the 5th – Acute Care FINAL EXAM & Final presentation for Older Adult class

– Tuesday the 6th – Acute Care FINAL PRACTICAL

– Wednesday the 7th – Modalities FINAL WRITTEN

– Wednesday after my final: get white girl wasted with my classmates and celebrate being 2/3 DONE PT SCHOOL!

– Friday the 9th – Pinning Ceremony 🙂

Phew. So, if I’m MIA for the next few weeks, now you know why! But I am so close to summer and starting my first full time clinical this summer and that’s keeping me going for sure. Talk to y’all later!



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