Thinking Out Loud

Thank you to Amanda over at Running With Spoons for providing us bloggers with a reason to rant about whatever on Thursdays; this is my type of blogging! Head on over to her page to check out what other bloggers are thinking about.


1. I went to my second Nats game of the season last night!

And holy WIND! It was sooooo windy which made it so cold – not a perfect night for weather but it was definitely a great time. I wasn’t drinking because I made the decision last week I was going to hold off on alcohol until after my race. But my classmates enjoyed more than their fair share of beers and everyone had a great time! (Including sober me!) I also have a lot to do today and wanted to be functional this morning. I’m excited for more games this summer (that are warmer) and we even chatted about heading up to Baltimore for a few O’s games – since I’m more of an O’s girl than Nats. I don’t follow baseball all that much but I love the atmosphere of ballparks!

2. I’m officially addicted to coffee. It’s gotten to the point in the semester where I literally have so much to do I don’t know what to start with. So I just drink coffee and dive in to whatever I have to do. I wake up with headaches if I don’t have coffee by like 8 am, which is not good, but I won’t be weaning myself off until after finals unfortunately. So I’ll just continue to feed the beast. I’m a little nervous because I wasn’t planning on drinking coffee before my race Saturday, but I may have to get caffeine in me through a Crystal Light packet or something to ease the effects of withdrawal. 

3. I got my hours from my clinic that I will be at this summer and I’m pretty excited. I’m the type of person that would absolutely rather go in early and get off earlier than sleep in a bit and get off later. So I was pumped to find out that my clinic instructor’s hours were 7-3 most days of the week. Mondays she works 11-7 which is a little weird, but I can deal with that one day a week. I’m really excited to get in there and get my hands on patients. We had a meeting with some third years yesterday and they chatted to us about their experiences so far in clinic and form what I hear, we will get comfortable fairly quicker than we would expect. 

4. We had a game on Tuesday night that was cut short due to lots of lightning. But I snapped a few cool pics of the sky that was looking might threatening throughout the first half. 

Displaying photo.JPG

5. I totally forgot I have game tonight until just now. So now I really need to get started on this paper and get everything read. Ah!

6. My race is in two days. TWO DAYS! I think I’m definitely ready for it; but I’m also very ready to get it over with. As much as I love running and as much as I know I want to push my body this race and go for a PR, I have so much going on these next two weeks and I’m looking forward to a training break and being able to focus on finishing this semester strong. Obviously, I will have a full race recap for you guys sometime next week.

7. Race day outfit: 

Displaying photo.JPG

So far this is what I’m going with. I’m still keeping an eye on the weather and I might need to bring a throw-away long sleeve shirt if it’s chilly in the morning, which I’m assuming it will be since we will be a few hundred yards from the beach at the start and finish of the race. I have my trusty Mizunos, my pink 2XU Compression socks, my new Nike tempo shorts that I treated myself to (black with orange and turquoise), and a turquoise Under Armour shirt. (And unpictured compression shorts under the shorts because, chaffing.) I’m still going back and forth on the shirt because I’ve never run in it – only ever worn it casually. But it matches perfectly so I got a little excited. I had been on the lookout for an obnoxiously bright headband from TJ Maxx or Marshalls but haven’t been able to find one yet and will probably end up just going with one that I have. Runners love neon, I am no different. 

8. I have so many books on my to-read list and it continues to grow when I see any recommendations from other bloggers. And I can’t wait for this semester to be over so I can dive nose first in to every book I can get my hands on. #booknerd

9. My allergies are out the wazoo right now and it is not fun. Bring me warm weather, but I can really do without the allergies. I guess I should probably go see that ENT about my deviated septum or else I’ll definitely be getting a sinus infection within the month. 

10. Like any other runner/racer/athlete, I always am looking for the next thing to train for. Right now, I know that I can’t wait to take a little break after this race, but I know within a month or two I will be itching for something else to train for. I had thought about a sprint tri before, and after seeing one of my best friends chat about this yesterday, it definitely went up to the top of my to-do list. I’m not sure how much swimming my shoulder could handle, so that would be the only issue with doing the Sprint vs Olympic length. But knowing that Chelsea is thinking of doing one too definitely helps motivate me to put more thought in to it!

I don’t really have much else on my mind except needing to finish this paper today and pack everything for my race Saturday. So I’m going to go do that. Sorry for the randomness of this post, but that’s what Thursdays are for! 

Have a great weekend and think of me on Saturday morning as I go for a PR in my third half! Full race recap will be coming at ya on Monday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. My caffeine consumption is getting a little out of hand as well, which I realized when I started getting those nagging headaches in the morning and mid-afternoon. Not cool! And the craziest thing about it is that I was only drinking one [big] cup a day anyways. Apparently all the black tea and chocolate add up, so it looks like it’s back to half-caff and the occasional decaf for me again.

    Good luck in your race, girl!

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