Thinking Out Loud

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Thinking Out Loud post with Running With Spoons so let’s get back on track with that! Those of you unfamiliar with the idea, it’s basically an awesome link up that Amanda set up to allow bloggers to share whatever they are thinking about with no rhyme or reason. … More Thinking Out Loud


How was everyone’s long weekend?! Mine was great so let’s just jump right on in! Saturday Saturday morning I woke up and got ready to head to Baltimore. I had plans to meet up with one of my best friends from college and catch up! Once I arrived at her place, we headed downtown to … More MDW2014


Life is funny. It has a way of knocking you so far down for the count that you think you’ll never get up again. Then you get back on your feet and you think you’re okay, and the littlest thing can knock you right back on your rear end unexpectedly. And then there comes a … More Life

Be A Donor

Fourteen years ago, my dad was placed on the kidney donor list, as well as the pancreas donor list. He had been a Type 1 diabetic since he was in middle school. Dependent on insulin, always monitoring his blood sugar, always had a drink in his hand in case he needed some sugar. I’d experienced … More Be A Donor

Pinning Ceremony

On Friday, my school held the first inaugural Clinical Practice Induction Ceremony. Our class fought to have a ceremony as we were the only accredited school in the area without a white coat ceremony or anything signifying our entrance in clinical practice. We were ecstatic when the faculty agreed to a pinning ceremony and we … More Pinning Ceremony

Friday Favorites

I AM OFFICIALLY FINISHED WITH TWO YEARS OF PT SCHOOL AND AM ONE YEAR AWAY FROM A DOCTORATE. 1. Obviously this is my most favorite thing happening this week. I have passed my exams and am now 2/3 done with PT school. I still sometimes find it hard to believe that I’ve been in this … More Friday Favorites