Thinking Out Loud

It’s Thursday. It’s been a miserable, rainy, sleepless week. But it’s time for Thinking Out Loud – because bloggers sometimes just need to vent to you all about happenings lately. So thanks, as always, to Amanda at Running With Spoons for the link up!


1. I am the type of person that needs to sleep at least 8 hours a night to function. I have gotten approximately 6 the past few nights. I am struggling. And I have no time to nap. And I want to just curl up in a ball on my bed for hours. But I can’t because I need to study and not fail PT school. One. Week. Left.

2. I’m sad because the lacrosse season is coming to an end right around my final exams – so I can’t make it to a lot of the practices this week and next week. I missed a game on Monday and the game today will be cancelled and not made up. I know I’m just a volunteer coach so I don’t have to be there, but I’ve enjoyed it so much and it’s such a great group of girls that I feel bad missing out on the last bit of the season.

3. My calves are finally back to normal. Thank the sweet heavens for normal gait – and foam rollers, and compression socks and lots of ice.

4. I went on a major rant today on the FB. It’s known that DMV traffic is possibly the worst in the country. When you add ANY weather in to the mix – it makes it so much worse. Therefore, today in the monsoon was no different. So here’s my PSA: when it is monsooning and there is little visibility, slamming on your brakes every 5 seconds, swerving to avoid puddles and driving 30 MPH under the speed limit is not necessary. Also, turn your bleeping lights on! Not sure about your state/area, but it’s the law where I’m from – wipers on = lights on. END RANT.

5. I’m running the Baltimore Half next I think. I’ve been chatting about it with my best friend from college who has done lots of halfs and one full marathon and we decided to do it. It’s a super hilly course but I just want to start going different places to run.

6. I’m socially awkward – (seriously); and I’m severely out of practice for how to “flirt”, if you will. This is making for some really hilarious (read: awkward) encounters as of late. I need to step my game up apparently.

7. I have 3 exams, 1 practical and 1 presentation left for this semester. Then I have a week off before starting clinic. AHHH.

8. One of my best friends got engaged this past weekend! I am so, so, so happy for the two of them. They have been together forever and are possibly my two favorite people on this Earth. I can’t wait to see her and hear allllll about it either next weekend or the following weekend. Yay for weddings!!

I really don’t have much else to chat about. Way too much going on with school and that is my soul focus until Wednesday at noon. Which is when celebrations will begin! Haza!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Baltimore half sounds fun! Perhaps I’ll look into it although summer training is THE WORST

    1. Ugh I know it is 😦 but training would start like late july I think and trianing through august would be brutal… we have until August 1st to decide, that’s when prices go up next haha

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