Check In

Hey y’all… I’m alive and well – just trucking right along with finals this week.

I can do this! (motivational quotes)

So far, so good. I finished my Acute Care final yesterday in a little under an hour. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but I felt great about it. (And could have gotten a 50% and still passed the class I think)

Today is a little more stressful. There is just something about practical exams that make me so nervous. Plus, I don’t go until 4PM. So while I could be focusing on my exam tomorrow (which I really need to do well in), instead I will be stressing out about this practical all day. Our comprehensive practical is super intimidating and I have no idea what to expect. I’ll be heading in to school soon to review things and practice techniques and such before I go. I was definitely thankful to be able to sleep in this morning after another 15 hour day yesterday.

Yesterday was Senior Night with the lax girls. We have 15 seniors. Then the game was delayed due to lightning. So I ended up not getting home until 9:30, then stayed up til about midnight studying. Oh how I can’t wait for this week and a half break.

Anyways. I’m going to sip my coffee, eat my breakfast and review for tomorrows exam before heading out to school.

But I want to leave you all with this video that’s gone viral. I love it. I love the message it portrays. I couldn’t agree more. I’m scared to think about what future generations will be like if we continue down this path of social media, mobile devices and WiFi. Put the phone down, enjoy time with friends and family, go outside and enjoy nature, live.


4 thoughts on “Check In

  1. that video…OH. MY. GOODNESS.
    i want to throw my phone out the window and never look at it ever again. exaggeration of course but seriously such a powerful and important message. i have chills.

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