Much Needed Week Off

Hey friends! Sorry I haven’t been around, I was enjoying my week off. And by that I mean I was freaking out about starting clinic and studying anatomy and orthopedics like it was job. I know I will be fine, but I am getting so, so nervous about starting. Luckily, my CI doesn’t start until 11 on Monday’s so I got to sleep in today and mentally prepare myself for what I’m getting myself in to.

Friday was low key and Saturday was spent like any spring Saturday should be spent… day drinking. 🙂

Sunday started out rough after my Saturday festivities. I signed up to run the Color Run in January and it was literally the last thing I wanted to do when I woke up Sunday morning. My sister obviously didn’t plan real well either since she didn’t know she was preggers when we signed up and now she’s 20 weeks! She was a trooper though and did great!

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Me and her friend, Cari, ran the whole thing. My stomach was fighting that decision but I felt great afterwards. I don’t know what our time was, they don’t track it and they don’t have clocks at all. Kind of weird, but I guess that’s just the concept of the race. It was definitely a fun event; but not anything serious. So if you’re looking to run a race and don’t know where to start, I would say something like this may be for you. Especially if you enjoy getting splattered with colored powders and dancing to loud music. It was pretty annoying though trying to weed through all the walkers. My sister and her husband walk/jogged it and did great. They weren’t too far behind us and we didn’t mind sitting on the water at National Harbor waiting. Overall, it was a fun race and would be a ton of fun to do with a group of friends.There’s a big dance party after but I didn’t think my pregnant sister would enjoy being in the middle of those crowds, haha.

The rest of Sunday was spent lounging and reviewing. I just picked up a new book at the library that I’m super pumped about starting. I put a few books on hold and can’t wait for them all to get in. The newest one I got is by Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl, Sharp Objects. I really enjoyed Gone Girl so I’m excited to get started on this one!

Alright folks, well that’s all I have for you today. Wish me luck in clinic and I’ll be sure to check back in with how the week is going!


2 thoughts on “Much Needed Week Off

    1. I just got Dark Places and am starting it tonight… Sharp Objects was just put on hold for me and I need to go pick it up! Ahhh now im excited!!

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