Thinking Out Loud

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Thinking Out Loud post with Running With Spoons so let’s get back on track with that! Those of you unfamiliar with the idea, it’s basically an awesome link up that Amanda set up to allow bloggers to share whatever they are thinking about with no rhyme or reason. Head on over to Amanda’s site and check out what other bloggers are talking about!


1. I’ll start off with a quick update on my clinic. I know I owe you all a longer post about it and I honestly haven’t even started writing it but here’s a hint: it’s going great! I feel like my CI and I get along great and all the other PTs there are young and awesome. I definitely fit right in to the atmosphere of the clinic and feel super comfortable. She has eased me in so far and I’ve taken as many as 5 of her patients on my own in one day. It’s increasing every day/week and I’m starting to feel more comfortable with what I am doing with the patients. Baby steps!

2. Lacrosse is officially over and the girls definitely spoiled us coaches. The Varsity banquet was last week and it was a great time. The captains even made us paper plate awards! Mine was “Gym Lax School”, and the head coach got “Rookie of the Year” – both of which were extremely fitting. Even though I wasn’t able to be there with them all the time, it was such an amazing experience and I think I’ll definitely help out again next year if I have the time to.

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3. The weather has been amazing and I am loving it. I don’t want to be the first to complain about the humidity – but let’s just say that these afternoon runs I’ve been taking won’t be lasting very long. Yesterday was extremely humid due to an impeding storm (and a crazy lightning storm, at that), so I went out with C and kicked around a soccer ball a bit. It felt great to just kick around and juggle; sometimes I miss that sport. 😉

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4. I have been enjoying more of my fair share of summer beers lately and I love it. There is nothing like sitting on my porch with a book and a Summer Shandy. And this weather has been perfect for it!

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5. I’ve been in a fantastic mood lately. I’m happy. I’m in a great place in my life right now. Circumstances might be leading me on to this happy path but I’m just embracing it as it comes and enjoying the moment. Because sometime you just need to let what’s bound to happen, happen and watch it all fall in to place.

Trust love one more time

6. So I’m tall. Like 5’10”. And my legs are 60% of my body. So, unsurprisingly, finding pants that fit me is not an easy task. Especially dress pants. My clinic I am at is more laid back than I anticipated and they wear more of cropped khakis/cropped dress pants than they do dressy clothes. Also, I put on a pair of dress pants from awhile ago and I could fit almost two of me in them – weird, seeing as how I’ve been the same size since high school. So I went on a little hunt to TJ Maxx, hoping for the best. Guess what? JACKPOT. Literally, I have never had so many pairs of pants fit me so perfectly. I brought 7 pairs in to try on and only 1 pair was not a winner.

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I picked these three out of all of them to buy. The pair on the right are Express regular length khakis and SO COMFORTABLE. The other two are the same brand and both are cropped. I’ve been wanting a navy khaki or dress pant so I went with the navy over the gray I was deciding between. And the color in the middle was just too cute to surpass. The best part… they were each $19.99. I love me a good sale and I was pumped. Three pairs of nice dress pants for sixty dollars?!? Yes please!

7. I finished Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects and am about to get started on Dark Places. It was definitely a crude book, but overall very good. I enjoy books that can get a little risque and raw.

8. I don’t think I have announced this on social media at all – but my sister just found out last week that she is having baby boy number 3! We were definitely thinking pink for her, but I know that I will love this little boy just as much as I love the other two. She also is already pretty set on a name – but that you’ll have to wait until October to find out.

9. This… Pardon my french.

And that, my friends, is Thinking Out Loud for your Thursday. I’m all over the place lately so this link up is perfect for my life. I need to work on getting a schedule down. Now that I am getting used to the clinic schedule, I need to figure out optimal workout times, time to blog, time to blog for my school portfolio, and time for life. I’m not used to this working 40 hours a week thing – haha.

Tell me something random going on in your life. 


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