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Happy National Running Day!

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Cori over at Olive To Run has challenged her readers to come up with a post about why we run. I thought this was awesome and such a great way to celebrate National Running Day! So head on over to her blog and check out some other bloggers talking about why they run.

Let’s get right in to it… Here are the reasons that I run:


When I finished my competitive sports career, I lost motivation to work out. I would still do it, but it was lazy workouts and only did it because I thought I needed to. Then I started running more. And faster. And starting challenging myself with every run. I wanted something to work towards. With sports, you train to get better, to win, to be able to battle in every game. With running, you race against the clock, you challenge yourself, you train to beat your personal best. Enter half marathon number one.

My goal was to finish, and finish I did – without stopping once. Now that I’ve done 3 half marathons, I am looking towards my next goal – like a tri or something – I doubt you’ll ever see me completing a full. I feel accomplished after a great race or a great long run.


Running is my escape. From life. From stress . From anxiety. From drama. From everything. There is nothing better than lacing up and hitting the trails after a tough day or when I’m super stressed. Long runs are my time to myself, my time to think about things going on in my life, my time to forget my worries and focus on moving one foot in front of the other. I can’t go too long without a run or else I may lose my mind.


Running is something that you can always get better at. When I first started, I always considered myself a slow runner. My pace was always between 10-11 minutes per mile. Then this last half marathon, I trained a bit differently, I ate differently, I figured it out. And I PR’ed 12 minutes. I was amazed; my pace decreased by nearly a full minute per mile. And now I know that my body is up for the challenge to get that time under 2 hours!


There is nothing better than the running community. As a physical therapist (student), I see a lot of runners and it’s always the first topic of conversation that we discuss. Races that we’ve run, injuries we’ve had, goals for the future. The running community is seriously awesome and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Because I can.

I don’t mean this in a rude way. But there are so many people who can’t run – for whatever reason… chronic injury, traumatic injury, what have you. And I run for them. I run for those who need a little inspiration and I hope to inspire at least one person. I’ve never considered myself a crazy runner – but to some I guess I am. I run for those who are unable to do what has become a huge part of my life.


I have always been in pretty decent shape growing up – playing soccer year-round plus multiple other sports on top of that will tend to do that. When I stopped playing so much, I knew I needed to get in to a routine of working out for my own benefit. For my health, for my confidence, and just in general, for me. As with any woman, I occasionally struggle with body image issues. I can tell when I’m not working out or running – my clothes fit differently, I feel more “jiggly” and I just overall don’t feel good about myself. Running helps keep me in shape, keep me fit, and motivates me to live a healthier lifestyle.

So there’s that! I could come up with so many more reasons as to why I run but this sums most of that up. So tell me, why do you run?


4 thoughts on “I Run…

  1. Love your reasons 🙂 Running is becoming my therapy – even last night after a stressful day I could have curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and some chocolate. Instead I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement. I felt so much better after. My stress was diminished and even better – I felt good about myself. xox

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