Reunion For The Books

Hey friends! I have so much to chat about after this amazing weekend so I don’t want to waste any time -sorry in advance cause it’s a long one! A few friends who moved down to Texas after graduation planned a reunion weekend for a group of our closest friends from college. They planned it, literally, in December, so that we all knew about it and knew we would be free.. it all worked out so perfectly!

Friday, my clinic instructor that I am with this semester decided she wanted to sneak out early, so she did some arranging of the schedule and we were going to be done around 1. Then to our surprise, we walked in Friday and our last patient was at 9:30 AM – so I was walking out of there around 10:45 and headed to the beach!

I arrived at my friend’s beach house just as the other girls were heading to the beach so it was perfect timing. We grabbed some sandwiches from a local deli, a case of beer, and headed to the beach – it was time to get the weekend started.

We chatted and caught each other up with our lives while we basked in the beautiful weather and enjoyed some brews. Most of us hadn’t seen each other since graduation – three years ago! It was so awesome because it was literally like we never were apart. I love having a group of friends like this, nothing has changed and we can go this long without talking and pick up like we saw each other yesterday.

Eventually we got hungry again and the Texan ladies were craving crabs – what else would you get when you’re in MD?! So we headed to a restaurant that my friend Whitney’s little sister works at. Whit was my roommate freshman year and one of my best friends throughout college, it was so great to see her again! We ordered our food and a bunch of pitchers; you know, to keep the buzz going.

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After dinner, we were ready to head back to the house to shower and get ready for the night! By that time, we had 2 more friends join us who had to work later so didn’t hit the road til later.

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This is by far my fave picture of the weekend. We pregamed at the house, then Whitney’s fiance and her sister packed us all in to their cars and took us to the bar. We had a great night of dancing and drinking and dancing some more. Just like old times :).

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Saturday morning, I woke up early like I usually do after a night of drinking. So I headed downstairs to search for some coffee. Soon enough, one of my friends wandered out of one of the rooms and was headed to the grocery store. I tagged along and we got things for breakfast – eggs, bacon, toast. and OJ for some mimosas ;). Oh and coffee, lots of coffee. We made a feast for the crew and the smell of bacon and the sound of bottles popping got them right to the kitchen.

Eventually, we all got ourselves together and headed to Seacrets – one of the biggest bars on the East Coast (if not the biggest, I don’t know the details..) I worked there for two years, so I don’t get that excited to go there like some people do, but it was a great day regardless. Especially because me and Whitney knew a good amount of the bartenders working and we barely paid for 2 drinks the whole day.

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It’s basically a large “bar” with about 17 actual bars in the place, with 3 stages, a beach area, and seating in the bay where servers come out in bathing suits to serve you drinks. It’s always a great time – from what I can remember. We were there from about noon until 6:30-7 o’clock. By the time we made it back to the house, we were all exhausted. It didn’t take long for us to be knocked out. Literally by 8:30 I think we were all sleeping. Obviously, we can’t hang like we used to after a full day of day drinking. A few girls woke up around midnight and decided to head out to a bar. I opted to just move upstairs to my bed instead of the couch – great life decision because waking up refreshed and not hung over on Sunday was glorious.

Sunday was a chill day. I woke up and made some coffee and took it out on the covered porch to read my book while everyone else was still sleeping. It was such a gorgeous house and it was so nice of our friend’s parents to allow us to use it for the weekend. The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning up the house, doing laundry and eventually heading to the beach for an hour or two before hitting the road. I took the Texans with me back home because one of them has family near me. We made a pit stop at Wawa (completely necessary) and sat in some traffic but got home in no time.

Overall, it was such a perfect weekend. It made me so, so happy to be around all these girls again and just reminisce about college. It’s seriously an amazing feeling to be able to have a group of friends that you can pick up right where you left off, even if it’s been years. It’s hard to keep in touch, life happens, and we all know that. But knowing that we can always go back to each other is a great feeling.  We are already planning next year’s reunion and are hoping for it to be at a different place every year!


2 thoughts on “Reunion For The Books

  1. Ahh that sounds like SO much fun!! I saw a ton of my college friends this weekend too, and have a beach weekend planned with them at the end of the month. I can’t wait!!

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