Tuesday Tunes

Not much to chat about and I have nothing clever to start out this post with soooo here’s two songs I’m currently loving… Afrojack – Ten Feet Tall. So obsessed with this song right now. And Jessie J’s new song with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. You can never go wrong with any of those … More Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday! Time for some tunes that I’m loving lately. I go through phases of genres of music that I am loving at a particular time: When I see my college friends I tend to lean back in to the rap/hip-hop trend because it reminds me of all our nights in college dancing all night. When … More Tuesday Tunes

Monday Thoughts

It is what it is. Every situation happens for a reason. Everything in our lives occurs because there is meaning behind it. Whether we know the significance as soon as it occurs, or we continue to search for the rationale to explain it; know that there is a reason behind every obstacle, behind every triumph, … More Monday Thoughts

Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday y’all. You know what today means – Thinking Out Loud with Amanda over at Running With Spoons. If you’re not familiar, it’s an awesome link up where bloggers around the world can just open up and chat about whatever is on their mind. Head over there and see what other bloggers are thinking … More Thinking Out Loud

Tuesday Tunes

Yes I know, it’s been awhile again. I just haven’t been in the posting mood lately. I had a great weekend in Austin for the Fourth, but literally took no pictures because I was just enjoying my time and focusing on the company I was with – not snapping photographs of every little thing. (They … More Tuesday Tunes