Friday (Not So) Favorite

Friday is generally a time for happy, favorite things happening in life lately. But I’m a little down on myself right now, so I’m just gonna come out with a Friday Favorites Unfavorite.

Remember when I said I was having some calf/achilles pain? And I assumed it was from my shoes? Well, I went and got new shoes…

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I went back to the Brooks Defyance. I had them for my first two half marathons and never had any problems with excessive pains besides the normal training soreness. They are great and I love them. But I guess my calves were just in too bad of shape. Even with nearly 2 weeks off of running, my calf just never got better. It felt okay so last week I went for a light 2 mile run. I felt fine after, stretched and was doing fine. Ran again this past Saturday, a light 2.5 miles – just trying to ease myself back.

Enter Sunday: I wake up with a weird tightness in my calves. I run some errands with my sister and as we are walking in to a store I begin to have a searing, shooting pain in my calf – as if someone was either gripping my muscle and squeezing while simultaneously stabbing it with a knife. Every time I pushed off. Its now Friday, and I still cannot walk. I guess my body finally decided to stop taking the beating I continued to give it. Potential diagnosis/most likely diagnosis is a severe strain with some micro tears throughout the muscle. Luckily, I’m still in clinic so I’ve had my peers work on it a bit and I’ve been icing it like mad. My compression socks are also getting a lot of use.

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So. If you know anything about me – I don’t do well when I can’t exercise. I get irritable, I get anxious, I get chubby (literally, I can’t stop eating everything in sight.) This week has been rough for me – not being able to let off some steam with a run or a swim is slowly driving me crazy. I’m glad it’s Friday and I can spend the weekend with friends to take my mind off it all. I’m bummed because I have a sand soccer tournament in two weeks with some of my best friends from college and that’s not going to be happening.

Lesson: listen to your body and stretch a lot and change your running shoes often. Because this sh*t sucks hard.


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