Friday Things

Happy Friday! Today has been a crazy week for me and it isn’t slowing down yet. I took my first neuro rehab exam on Tuesday and it went really well! So far, so good with this semester. I’m currently sitting in class barely paying attention but my brain is basically fried at this point. So … More Friday Things

Weekend Recap

How was y’all’s weekend? Mine was extremely relaxing and I didn’t do much of anything, but sometimes that’s just what you need! We also got a little sneak peek of some fall-like temperatures and I must say, I was loving it! There’s just something about that crispness in the air that makes me love just … More Weekend Recap

We Will Never Forget

Thirteen years ago, thousands of lives were forever changed. Heroes were created as they ran towards burning buildings. Families were torn apart by acts of terror on our country. A day that will live on in history and that will forever bring Americans together. We will always remember.