Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Monday – I hope everyone is enjoying a day off and soaking in this last day of “summer” like I am. I hate that Labor Day marks the end of summer and the start of the school year. Although I’ve already started classes, I used this weekend as a final send off to summer and a final “binge” weekend before me and a few classmates go alcohol free and work with each other to make better food and exercise choices.

Let’s chat about this weekend before I get in to all of that!

Yesterday was two of my friend’s birthdays and so we decided to take a weekend trip down to Ocean City, Maryland to stay at a classmate’s condo on the beach. Friday after class, the 6 of us departed and made our way out to the Eastern Shore. We luckily missed most of the traffic because we left before 2. Once we arrived at the condo, we wasted no time making some drinks and heading down to the beach!

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Soon after we finished our first round of drinks, we headed back up to keep the party going while we got ready to go out. Friday night led us to Fishtales for some more drinks, some dinner and lots of dancing. We were all exhausted but rallied. The best part of heading out to the bar early – no cover! Also we  didn’t feel the need to stay out until closing time which means getting to bed early in preparation for Saturday’s festivities.

Saturday we woke up to a huge breakfast prepared by our friend’s mom – she was awesome all weekend. And then before you know it, we were in our bathing suits and ready to head to Seacrets! All of my classmates are from all over the country, so 4/6 of us had never experienced Seacrets before. I  have to say that it was fun living the experience through their eyes. Working there for a few summers, you get pretty annoyed with the place and I’ve honestly only ever day drank there twice, but it was so much fun.

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If you’re familiar with Seacrets, you know that any holiday weekend will look like this on the bay. It slowly got more crowded as the day went on but it never got as packed as I was expecting.

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We spent a solid 7 hours there drinking our fair share of beers, pains and J’s. I also ran in to a bunch of people that I went to college with that I hadn’t seen since graduation which was awesome. And of course I know many of the bartenders and managers from working there so it was great to see them too! Once we made it back to the condo, we were all exhausted and napped (after devouring pulled pork sandwiches our friend’s mom had cooking for us in the crockpot). We had huge plans to make it out to another bar later that night, but it did not happen. We ordered pizza and ordered The Other Woman on-demand and just sobered up and relaxed. It would have been great to go out to the bars for another night of dancing, but I was more than happy to be asleep by 11:30 and to wake up Sunday not hung over!

Sunday we woke up to the smell of bacon again and then headed out to the beach after filling up on breakfast. We lounged in the sand for a few hours before we decided to head down to the boardwalk. I have to say, showing people Ocean City for the first time can be pretty cool when it’s like a second home to you. You see things differently and want to show them everything that reminds you of good times.

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We rode some rides My friends rode rides while I watched. (I’m not a big carnival ride person). We got some typical boardwalk food – Dumser’s ice cream, Thrasher’s fries, and wrappers. And we made fun of the random YOLO and stupid saying t-shirts in all of the shops. After a few hours walking around, we headed back to the condo to get ready for a big birthday dinner! My friend’s mom cooked a huge dinner and all of her family joined us at the condo. It was a great time with great food celebrating one of my best friends.

We wanted to miss traffic so I offered to not drink Sunday at the dinner and we drove back to DC after dinner. We left around 9 (after I drank coffee) and made it back to DC around 11:45. Not too shabby considering we drove straight through a torrential downpour/lightning storm while driving over the Bay Bridge.. Talk about terrifying. Overall it was a great weekend and a great summer send off!

Now it’s back to reality and time to get serious about this school work. Our professors have already started talking about our comp exams and preparing for the board exam which is majorly freaking out us type-A people. On that note, a few classmates have decided to go alcohol free until Fall break (October 11th). I’m joining in with the exception of one weekend in September when I am attending a wedding. I’m still nursing this calf injury and am still unable to run so I really just want to be making healthier choices and binge drinking on the weekends just isn’t really high on my priorities to do anymore. School is on the top of my priority list as we get down to this last semester of classes and prepare for the next step – starting our careers.

Sorry this post is crazy long. I’m done now. Enjoy your Labor Day!



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