Busy Day Off

Happy Hump Day! I love short “work” weeks and this week is super short. The holiday Monday plus no-class-Wednesdays = three days of classes. I will take it.

Unfortunately, I have so much to do today. So much that I really shouldn’t even be typing this right now. But sometimes typing things out makes me organize my brain a bit so I can be more efficient for the day. So… Let’s get down to business:

Sorry, had to..

What do I have to do today? Here goes:

  • Get a flu shot. We have to get them every year for school. It sucks. I’ve never gotten one in my life before school but we are forced to because of how many patients we are in contact with. (Makes sense, but still annoying.)
  • Get my passport picture taken. In February I am heading to Costa Rica on a medical mission trip with my class. I have a passport card (from a cruise in college), but I was too cheap at the time to buy the book. So now I need a passport book.
  • Send said passport picture and application to the passport people. I know it takes a few weeks for processing and I’ve already down step one of my application for the trip so I really need to get on receiving my new passport ASAP.
  • Update my immunization details on the new fancy website. Our school started a new website to keep track of immunizations and make things easier for clinics. But now I have to find all my records and manually put them in to the computer.
  • Make a few doctors appointments. We also need a TB test annually which is dumb, but we can’t get it until the first few weeks in October due to timing of our clinics. Then just eye doctor annual exam and that kind of stuff.
  • Do tutorial. This semester we only have one full day (Wednesdays) in between part one and part two of tutorial. That means a ton of research and work needs to be done on tutorial on Wednesdays.
  • Begin re-reading neuro rehab notes. Our first exam is in just a few short weeks and the last thing I want to do is fall behind. So I’m really going to try to stay on top of things!
  • Research for my case report. My group is doing a mock case report on little leaguer’s elbow.
  • Work-out. I need to stick with my plan and continue to get 5 work outs in a week. Today will be tough since I don’t have gym access at home and I still am unable to run (and its 95% humidity outside). But I’m thinking Pinterest will have some great ideas for me to whip something up for my living room :).
  • Grocery shop. I want to start buying my own groceries and relying less on my parents for food. It’s tough because I have so little time to myself due to constant work at school – but I really want to make healthier meal choices and that’s only going to happen if I shop for myself. Today I’m hitting Wegman’s and getting tons of produce and frozen fruit for smoothies. I’m also on the lookout for dairy-free protein powder. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

Phew. That’s a lot of stuff to do today. And here I am procrastinating it all. Time to get off my butt and get started! I’ll leave you with this, because we all need a little compliment from time to time…


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