Tuesday Tunes – Spotify Edition

So now that school is back in full swing, I was on the hunt for some new studying music. I don’t like to study to music that has lyrics because, let’s be honest, I’ll start singing along and not paying attention to anything I’m doing.

I used to resort to Pandora classical music playlists which worked our just fine – but then this summer I finally gave in to Spotify to figure out what all the hype was about. The verdict…


Now, I don’t pay for it. (Broke grad student over here!) But I do just fine with the free version. Don’t quote me on this, but I think the only difference between paying and not paying is that you can listen to playlists off WiFi, share playlists/listen to your friend’s playlists, and probably something else that I don’t know about. The whole listening off WiFi is pretty sweet because I would love to listen to some of these playlists while I run, but it’s not something that I need in my life right now. (Kind of like how I didn’t need the new pair of Toms I bought yesterday, but oops. – don’t let that price fool you, Toms are featured on Zulily right now at some awesome prices; I almost got another pair of classics too but they didn’t have my size (probably a good thing…))

So, back to why I’m loving Spotify. First, I loved it because I learned about new music from some of my favorite artists. Also, you can listen to whole albums once they are released on Spotify. So now I resort to searching playlists when I am in need of some new music.

If you haven’t checked out Spotify yet, I definitely recommend it. There’s music for pretty much any mood that you are in. So I’m sharing with you my two favorite playlists. Which is hard to do on here since I don’t pay for it (ironic, right?); so I’m just telling you the names of the playlists and you’ll just have to go check them out for yourself!

For studying: I’ve become obsessed with the “Deep Focus” playlist. It has a great mixture of soothing music with some random quicker beat but still focus-inducing (is that a thing?) instrumentals.

For life: “Songs to sing to in the shower”. Guys. Let me tell you. If you’re anything like me and my group of friends, you will love this playlist. It has everything from Hanson, to classic 80’s and 90’s jams, to BSB, to B*Witched. Literally, songs that you would jam out to in the shower. Or on a road trip. Or pre-gaming. You get the idea.

So there’s that. I’m listening to “deep focus” right now and need to return to reading research articles. Happy Tuesday y’all!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes – Spotify Edition

  1. Spotify is great!! The only reason I wound up paying for it is because I had all these awesome playlists on my computer, but when I was away from my computer I really wanted them on my phone! At one point we were going on a road trip and Spotify had a 1 month free deal so I tried it out. I loved having access to all my playlists on my phone! Then between running, walking to/from work all the time, having people over, etc. I just found it to be really useful. You should also check out Songza if you haven’t already…I like to work to their wordless music playlists! http://songza.com/ (just click Working, no lyrics)

  2. there’s a play list on spotify called “your favorite coffee shop” omggggg LOVE it! for me it’s the perfect tunes for studying. i am totally with you about how awesome spotify is!

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