Monday Thoughts

Hey there friends! Things have been pretty boring slash crazy around here lately for me. While I haven’t been busy with fun things, I have been busy with school, which is not exciting to chat about here. So I just thought I would stop in and chat a bit about what has been going on … More Monday Thoughts

Workout Recap 3

Another solid week of workouts in the books! I found myself unmotivated a lot this week, but I knew it was related to the stress I have been feeling about these tests happening lately so I forced myself to get workouts in. And, of course, I always felt better. Sat. Oct. 18th: After a successful … More Workout Recap 3

Recipes Lately

So last Friday I headed out to pick some apples with my nephews, sister and mom at Homestead Farm. It was such a perfect day to head out to the farm and we got a good load of produce! We got probably 5-6 pounds of apples (!!) between my sister and I, the boys just … More Recipes Lately

Found My Niche

I really wanted to take a second and chat about how school is going. Well, not school in particular. But how I’m starting to feel about which direction I want to pursue with physical therapy. This semester has changed so much perspective in me and I love every second of it. I had a feeling … More Found My Niche

Philly (Ph)un

Helloooo and happy Monday! I don’t know about you all, but I had a great weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So let’s skip the nonsense and get right in to it! Friday After class Friday, I hit the road and made my way up I-95 until I found myself … More Philly (Ph)un