No introduction. Let’s just dump some random photos on you today from the wedding, from my beautiful new nephew, and just from life lately.


1. The wedding I went to last weekend was on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Displaying IMG_4094.JPG

These were the cocktail tables set up right on the Choptank River.

2. Displaying IMG_4096.JPG

There was an open bar. With two rows of fireball. Game over.

3. When the sun starting setting — oh. my. goodness. Holy gorgeousness.

Displaying IMG_4115.JPG

Displaying IMG_4136.JPG

4. Even though I didn’t know anyone at the wedding, I had such a great time! I went with one of my good friends and it was a blast. All of his friends were welcoming and didn’t make me feel like that awkward guest who literally knows no one.

5. This was probably one of my favorite things at the wedding. A beer truck! With four different (good!) beers on tap. Bud Light was one of them, obvs, but there was also a pumpkin ale, bottom feeder ale, and flying dog.

Displaying IMG_4097.JPG

6. Being an Eastern Shore wedding, they had so many awesome Maryland touches that I loved. Our favors were this…

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An envelope saying For Richer of for Poorer with a scratch off ticket in it (I won $5!) and a bottle of the Flying Dog Old Bay beer! They also used crab shells that they caught, cooked, and picked themselves as the name/table assignments which were painted gold. So awesome!!

7. School this semester has been crazy. I’m always busy, I always have something to do and I feel like I am constantly behind on things. The next few weekends are going to be – catch up on sleep, catch up on work, and get my ish together – weekends.

8. October has started. New month = new attitude. My goal for this month is to never miss a workout for anything. I’m shooting for 50 miles ran this month. Yesterday I got 2.2 in a 9:15 pace – my fastest since probably July (pre-injury). I’m getting there slowly – I just need to stick to a plan and not stray from it. I’ve never struggled this much with my body image so I’m truly working on making a change. This blog will be my way to hold myself accountable so I’ll be doing weekly workout updates on Sundays!

9. I’m super excited for Halloween this year. I think we are doing a bar crawl and I’m pumped about our costumes. Stay tuned!

10. Anddddd I can’t leave here without dropping of a pic of this stud. I am obsessed.

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One thought on “TOL

  1. I miss dressing up for Halloween! I used to do it all the time when i was younger, but kind of fell out of the habit over the years. And it makes me sad that we don’t even get many kids coming around for candy anymore. Boo. At least I still have Christmas to look forward to 😀

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