Workout Recap

Today is a gorgeous fall Sunday and I love it! There’s just something about having your windows open to bring in that fall smell (you know what I’m talking about), cuddling up on the couch with some cider (hot or hard, your choice), and relaxing watching football all day (or studying and getting distracted by football every five seconds your fantasy team member scores). I love fall.

So I’m starting a new tradition around here this month. I’m using my blog to hold myself accountable for work outs since I’m really trying to focus on being the best me I can be. I haven’t been feeling like myself and haven’t been comfortable lately, so I’m making a change! So let’s look back at this past weeks work outs!

Monday: Post-class gym session: 3 miles of intervals on the treadmill. Followed by not cooling down enough before leaving and driving home which made me feel terrible and almost had to pull over because of light headedness and nausea. Bad move. Never again.

Tuesday: OFF – due to the arrival of my beautiful nephew B-Mack! (Yep, nicknames already and not even a week old.)

Wednesday: My sister got home from the hospital and my mom was over at her place making dinner. So as soon as I got home from clinic, I laced up and ran over to her house. 2.21 miles at a 9:14 pace. That may be slow to some of you speedsters, but considering my injury and just working back in to things – I was pumped about that time!

Thursday: I was short on time but still wanted to get something in, so I jogged the half mile up to a local park with a soccer field and did something that me and my college teammates referred to as “Heart Attacks”.

  • Start at the corner of the soccer field. Jog up the side line. When you get to where the 18-yard box starts, sprint to where the opposite 18-yard box begins. Jog around the outside of the corners/goal and repeat. Two nearly-full-field sprints per lap.

I love sprints. But when I was in college, when we heard the words “Find a partner and head to the opposite corners”, we knew we were in for it. We would typically do anywhere from 3-5 laps… At the end of a full practice with full field scrimmaging and one v one’s and other intense drills. And you couldn’t half-ass those sprints. Because Coach would be right next to you sprinting along and telling you to run faster. Pardon me while I throw up thinking about that. Alas, I chose to do these on my own will! Because they really are great and you get a solid work out in quickly. I ended up doing three laps of Heart Attacks aka 6 sprints, then jogged home. It ended up being about 1.5 miles finished in 9:14 pace. Not too shabby for a quick little work out.

Friday: With all the running I had been doing, I know I needed to switch it up, so I headed to the gym and did a functional workout. Cardio + strength = all the good things! I stuck with the same one I did this time and timed myself again. I improved by a little over a minute! Woo! It’s the little things.

Saturday: Longest long run since my injury in July! I tackled four miles and did it at a 9:49 pace. Still slower than what I ran my half marathon in (slightly upsetting), but I know I’m working back to where I was. It’s been awhile since I had to work so hard to get back in to shape but I’m getting there!!

Sunday: I spent my Sunday volunteering at the Mason Mile. It’s an incredible cause and we always send tons of Marymount students over to help out. While I didn’t “work out” per say, I spent the afternoon kicking around the soccer ball with classmates and kids, jogging along side some kids and cheering them on, and carrying tables and chairs all over the place to help set up. So I like to call that an active rest day. I wanted to work out but when I woke up, my legs were seriously feeling that 4 miler from Saturday. So I ended my day with a little Yoga For Runners from OnDemand and listened to my body – avoiding overuse injuries at all costs!

And there ya have it! One rest day, one active rest day and 5 solid workouts! Let’s hope we keep this up all October 🙂


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