Philly (Ph)un

Helloooo and happy Monday! I don’t know about you all, but I had a great weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So let’s skip the nonsense and get right in to it!


After class Friday, I hit the road and made my way up I-95 until I found myself in Philadelphia. One of my best friends from college lives here and I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to spend my fall break hanging out and relaxing up in PA. We actually had perfect timing and as I pulled up, she arrived home from work! We immediately started figuring out what our game plan was: and we decided we just didn’t want a game plan.

We hung out for a bit, chatted, caught up on each other’s lives, snacked, watched some TV. Then we made our way out for a run. I love running in other cities and just exploring and that’s exactly what we did. She took me through Center City and we eventually reached the Rocky Steps!

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View from the steps – there was a carnival going on down there!

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We went a roundabout way to get back to her apartment and took a trail past some water (no idea what it was) and we took a pit stop at a dog park and just watched a bunch of dogs running around. We ended up covering nearly 6 miles! That’s way further than I had been running so I was struggling a bit near the end, but Corrin was a great sport and we slowed our paced when I needed to. We actually only walked a little bit, probably with the help of all of the crosswalks we had to stop at – but it was a great run!

We knew when we returned to her apartment that we needed to find some food. After showering, we made our way to Eat-a-Pita! Oh my goodness, guys. It was so good!

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So I got a wheat pita, filled with chicken, lettuce, chick peas, tomatoes, red peppers and selected the Charred Tomato Vinagrette on the side. It was HUGE and incredible. I only ate about half of it. We also got a side of hummus with pita chips – or should I say, hummus with a side of pita chips. Two huge ice cream scoops of hummus with delicious homemade pita chips. This place was fantastic – if they have one near you, go! It was also the perfect fuel after a nice long run.

We ended Friday night catching up on some TV shows and watching the movie, The Neighbors. We headed to sleep early in preparation of Saturday morning’s festivities.


Corrin belongs to a CrossFit gym and they were having a Bring-A-Friend day – so we went to check it out! It was my second experience with CrossFit and I loved it. I still battle back and forth with how awesome it is vs how expensive it is. Currently, the price is winning and I haven’t signed up yet, but after this weekend I may be swayed.

It started with just an intro and chat, then we started to warm up with some simple movements – squats, walking lunges, ring rows, etc. Followed by the strength portion of the work out: my nemesis, pull ups. I ended up using one green band for assistance and got 3 sets of 5 repetitions of pull ups down. They are hard and I don’t have the scapular stability/strength to do them very well. Whereas Corrin was busting them out like a champ! Seeing how well she could do certain things was definitely a motivator for me – I want to be able to do a pull up!!

Our WOD looked like this:

For number of repetitions total: 1 minute wall ball, 1 minute box jump, 1 minute sit ups, 1 minute push press, 1 minute burpees, 1 minute rest.

I ended up with a total of 221 reps through the three rounds. I used an 8 pound medicine ball for the wall balls, 20 inch box (18 for the last round) for box jumps, and I think the 35 pound bar for push press. I had the second highest number of reps out of the “friends” and that felt pretty awesome!

Overall, it was a great experience and a great workout – my legs are still feeling it today, that’s for sure. We walked over to grab some coffee after the workout, then headed back to her apartment. Our other college friend, Shannon, had to work in the city on Saturday so we decided to meet up with her and grab brunch. I failed to snap any pictures because I was famished by the time the food was in front of me. But we went to National Mechanics and I had the egg white omelette with spinach and tomatoes – so good!

We actually failed to take a lot of pictures on Saturday because we took zero that night! After brunch, we showered and hung around the apartment before making our way to the bars. We met up with a few of Corrin’s friends at one place and had so much fun dancing to the guitarist who was from Dublin – and so good looking. He played a mix of current songs, old songs, and Irish songs.. Even that song from P.S. I Love You that I love! So. Much. Fun.

We ended that night at another bar with some friends that I had met before – lots of dancing, too much drinking, and tons of screaming/singing songs causing me to lose my voice. Never a dull moment.

This post is getting mighty long… so I’ll finish up the weekend recap tomorrow with our Sunday festivities!



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