Philly (Ph)un Part 2

If you missed the beginning of my weekend recap – it can be found here. So let’s get in to Sunday’s events!


We woke up Sunday morning feeling rough. Saturday night absolutely got the best of us, but no regrets because it was an awesome night! We actually had coffee delivered to us from the wonderful Shannon, who had to be up and at a soccer game at 9:30 – bless her heart because I could barely stand up, haha. Once we showered and polished off some coffee and bagels, we – correction: I – was feeling just fine. We soon made ourselves pretty and headed out the door to our destination for the day:

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Corrin’s cousin occasionally will work events for Nicole Miller – a fashion designer. She was given two tickets to a bridal event down the street from their apartment and offered them to Corrin and myself. Our thoughts: a chance to dress up pretty, get free booze, free cake, free food, and watch a fashion show? Why the heck not?!

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It was a beautiful event at the Bellevue in Philadelphia. There were vendors set up all around the Ballroom, including multiple cake vendors upstairs with free samples of so much cake. Waiters were walking around with appetizers, there was a fondue station, and there were 3 bars with complimentary champagne and cocktails. We took the time we had there to walk around to different vendors and check out the things they had to offer – however, when they asked us who was engaged, and we awkwardly responded with neither of us, they seemed to get disinterested in our presence. I don’t blame them, they were there to talk to potential clients and we both are no where near that stage in our lives. It was still an awesome event and I’m so happy that Corrin’s cousin offered us the tickets!

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The event ended with a fashion show of Nicole Miller’s most recent bridal and bridesmaid designs. It was my first ever fashion show and it was so cool! We were sitting in the second row and had a great view of all of the models. They were all so gorgeous and the designs were (for the most part) beautiful! Besides the fact that I was shoe-less by hour 2 in my heels (holy blisters), it was a great event to attend!

As soon as we returned to the apartment, we waited for Corrin’s cousin to arrive home before we quickly headed out to the stadiums to tailgate! Corrin’s extended family always puts on a huge tailgate for all of the Eagle’s home games. There was such an amazing spread of food, tons of friends and family, and lots of booing of anyone and everyone rocking Giants gear.

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We only drank a bit and we headed home before the game started because we were exhausted. A few of her friends headed to the bar that is right near the stadium, but we had had a long weekend and Corrin had to work in the morning. So the night ended curled up on the couch, watching the Eagles beat the Giants and just relaxing.

Whew. What an activity packed weekend! It was the perfect blend of relaxation, working out, eating good food, and having a great time with one of my best friends and her friends. It was just what I needed before getting on top of my studying for these upcoming exams. I have been off of school yesterday and today, and tomorrow I head to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in DC for my last part time clinic of the semester.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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