Work Out Recap 2

Due to my being away last weekend, I didn’t write about my work outs for last week, so let’s just catch up here and chat about my workouts for the past two weeks! Sorry this will be long and boring, but I will be back on track next week!

I guess I left off on the 5th.. so:

Monday Oct. 6th: Ran 2.57 miles at a 9:48 pace. Not too bad, just trying to work my mileage up before increasing intensity too much with interval work.

Tuesday Oct. 7th: Before class, 6:30 AM weights. I think I started off on the elliptical and ended walking on the treadmill, but did about 45 minutes total of cardio and weights. Not bad for that early in the morning with zero motivation.

Wednesday & Thursday Oct. 8-9th: I actually took both of these days off because I had felt some weird calf pain Monday and knew I had a busy workout weekend ahead of me. Listening to my body!

Friday Oct. 10: 6 mile run with Corrin around Philly. Slow and steady, only a few stops at the Rocky steps and at the dog park, naturally.

Saturday Oct. 11: Bring a Friend to Crossfit Day with Corrin which I went over in my first recap of the weekend in Philly. It was brutal and I was hurting Sunday and Monday.

Sunday Oct. 12: “Rest” day; but I was so sore and walking around in heels for hours so I consider that an active rest day. Then was walking around the fields at the tailgates a ton. It was exhausting, haha.

Monday Oct. 13: Rainy, rainy, rainy day and a drive home from Philly called for a nap and no workout – Rest day.

Tuesday Oct. 14: 2 miles at 10:10 pace.

Wednesday Oct. 15: I never make it to workout on clinic days. Being on your feet for 8-9 hours at the hospital is exhausting. Lifting patients, bending down, pushing wheelchairs, walking all over… it’s exhausting and I always want to shower right when I get home.. So, rest day.

Thursday Oct. 16: I snuck in 2.60 miles before the rain started back up again and it felt great: 9:33 pace. 🙂

Friday Oct. 17: So funny story about this one. I set off towards the local park I usually run to – as I’m on the trail, I run in to a frantic woman searching for her 6 and 3 year old daughters whom she can’t seem to find. I live near an extremely wooded area, so naturally I became frightened with the woman (same ages as two of my nephews). I told her I was headed up to the park and will keep my eyes peeled. Checked the playgrounds (all 4) and kept my eyes peeled during the run. No sign. When I returned down to where she was, no sign of anyone. So, I hope she found her girls. Regardless, my run wasn’t speedy because I was in search-mode for “missing” children. And my calf pain decided to creep back. But I covered 2.60 miles again – in about a 12 minute pace (basically a walk). I also walked a ton at the apple orchard with my nephews and sister prior to this incident.

Today’s workout hasn’t happened yet as I am covered in ped’s notes trying to learn how children develop from birth to five years. Exciting, I know. So, I’ll be back next Saturday with the week’s workouts!


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