Recipes Lately

So last Friday I headed out to pick some apples with my nephews, sister and mom at Homestead Farm. It was such a perfect day to head out to the farm and we got a good load of produce!

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We got probably 5-6 pounds of apples (!!) between my sister and I, the boys just kept picking them and putting in the baskets – and you have to pay for what you pick, haha. In addition to the apples, we picked some fresh tomatoes, and picked up a butternut squash and some sweet potatoes at the market area of the farm – I just love fresh produce! I haven’t determined what I’m doing with the butternut squash yet, but I have been searching Pinterest for some ideas.

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With all of these apples, I needed to think of something to make. I came across these Zucchini Apple Muffins on Pinterest and they looked easy enough. The verdict…

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OMG, They are amazing. I added more cinnamon and even added some cloves and they are SO good. It’s like a light, fluffy explosion of apple and cinnamon and you would never even know there was almost an entire zucchini in the batch! Highly recommended. I made them with a small muffin tin which worked well. My sister used regular size muffin tins which worked well too, it just made less, duh.

In my attempt to make some healthier snacks, I also wanted to try out these Almond Joy Bites – made with dates, cocoa powder, almonds, coconut, vanilla and salt (and I added in some cashews and walnuts I had on hand). I didn’t photograph these, because they didn’t turn out the best. I think my food processor is old and not the best at “processing”, so I needed to add some more fluids to get things moving. That resulted in a mushy, chocolaty, nutty mess. It was way too soft, so when I went to make them into balls, it covered my hands more than it made a ball. I made do and stuck them in the freezer. They actually taste mighty delicious, but the technique failed and the texture was no bueno. Alas, learning experience and now I know for next time!


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