Workout Recap 3

Another solid week of workouts in the books! I found myself unmotivated a lot this week, but I knew it was related to the stress I have been feeling about these tests happening lately so I forced myself to get workouts in. And, of course, I always felt better.

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Loving these fall runs!

Sat. Oct. 18th: After a successful day of studying, and my first cup of coffee in a few days – I crushed two speedy miles with the help of that caffeine.

Sun. Oct. 19th: Woke up feeling like I broke a rib – must have slept weird because I could not use my right arm, cough, or sneeze without pain. Therefore, rest day.

Mon. Oct. 20th: Post-four hour exam strength training. Full body workout that left me a sweaty mess. It included: bosu lunges, bosu squats, single leg DB RDLs, shoulder stability on the bosu, scaption and lateral raises, DB push press, tricep kick backs, bicep curls, upright row. Not in that order, but three sets of about 8-12 of these and I was feeling great!

Tues. Oct 21st: Though I really wasn’t feeling it, I forced myself to hit the gym after a long day of classes. I did 3 miles of interval speed work and was so glad I got to the gym to sweat out some stress.

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Wed. Oct 22nd: At school all day studying – rest day.

Thur. Oct 23rd: Again, was feeling so unmotivated but ended up getting a great lift in. 15 minutes on the elliptical to warm up followed by:

  • Back squats & Rows
  • Push press & box jumps
  • Deadlifts & bent-over row
  • DB bench & core work & single leg star squats

Each of those were super-sets together and I was definitely feeling it in my legs the most! My shoulder was bothering me a bit so I stuck with some simple lifts for the upper body.

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Mirror selfies for the win

Fri. Oct. 24th: I was really feeling some DOMS and knew getting a little workout in would help – maybe. So I hit the trails with Griffin and did a slow, easy 2 miles. It was more of a walk-jog because Griff had to stop at every tree branch, leaf, rock, fence post, squirrel… But. It did feel good to get out a bit and run, even though my quads were screaming at me by the end.

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Running Buddy Griffin

I have a date with a foam roll tonight followed by stretching with a little U.S. Women’s Soccer on the side. I live an exciting life, I know. The plan is a 4 miler tomorrow, but my quads may say differently. I’ll be back next week with another weekly workout recap and hopefully will soon be back with a more normal posting schedule!

And here is your daily B. Because, cuteness.

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