Monday Thoughts

Hey there friends!

Things have been pretty boring slash crazy around here lately for me. While I haven’t been busy with fun things, I have been busy with school, which is not exciting to chat about here. So I just thought I would stop in and chat a bit about what has been going on in my life lately.

  • Last week we had two exams. One Monday and one Thursday. Both went well – I think – but again, a lot of time spent studying, working out and sleeping. Not much to talk about there.
  • This week we have two exams on Thursday, so I have been studying all weekend and will be studying all week – nothing exciting.
  • I currently have a displaced rib – it’s always something, right?! Remember that time I told you I took a rest day because it felt like I had a broken rib… Yeah well that pain went away the next day. Then it came back on Saturday. Then Saturday night/Sunday morning I was up at 3 AM in excruciating pain unable to sleep. To the point where I almost woke up my parents because I wanted to pass out/throw up from the pain. I finally fell back asleep, but had to prop myself up on a lot of pillows/my wall. Sunday, no change, still in a lot of pain. Had my classmates look at it and they determined my seventh rib is not in the correct alignment. And it hurts like a b-word.
  • It’s times like the 3 AM panic attack above that I curse my knowledge. I’m sitting there thinking.. “Where is my spleen, is my spleen enlarged?? No, the spleen is on the left and it’s my right side that hurts. Is my kidney or liver damaged? Do I have cancer in my ribs?” Literally every possible horrible thing went through my head which only increased my panic attack. Not to mention my breathing was labored due to the pain in my ribs, so I was focusing on my breathing too much and felt light-headed from that. It was just non-stop.
  • We watched Griffin this weekend and we did things such as:

Displaying IMG_4352.JPG

  • Walk to the local park and get some exercise…

Displaying IMG_4345.JPG

  • And of course he helped me with my studying while laying on my legs and looking out my window.
  • My brother got a dog! They rescued him and aren’t quite sure what he is. They know he is about 1 and a half years old and that he was found in a dumpster, abused and neglected. So he was very shy when he came over to meet everyone.

Displaying IMG_4344.JPG

His name his Bode and he is precious.

  • B likes neon, just like his Aunt Samantha. He may pull it off better than I can.

Displaying IMG_4338.JPG

  • Next weekend is Halloween and we have some fun things planned to celebrate the end of these past two weeks of craziness!
  • I really hope this rib issue doesn’t keep me away from working out for too long – I was just really getting back in to things.

I think that’s all I have. I’m sorry my life is boring right now. Only 29 weeks until I walk across that stage and all you laymen will be calling meย Doctor. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚



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